Native Storytelling at Milagro at Los Luceros

Los Luceros Hacienda

Milagro at Los Luceros document, excerpt follows:

What is Milagro at Los Luceros?
In May of 2009, Governor Bill Richardson and Robert Redford announced a new, unique collaboration for New Mexico’s Native American and Hispanic filmmakers with the working title of ʺSundance in New Mexico.ʺ The collaboration has been officially renamed “Milagro at Los Luceros” in reference to The Milagro Beanfield War, the 1988 film directed by Mr. Redford, shot on location in Truchas, New Mexico, and based on the John Nichols novel of the same name.

Where is Los Luceros?
Named to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1983, Los Luceros is a hacienda (ranch complex) lying northeast of the town of Alcalde, New Mexico, just north of Española, on the Rio Grande. The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) purchased and operates the 148‐acre Historic Los Luceros property and is preserving its historic nature and integrity for the purpose of cultural, artistic, environmental, and educational activities, events and outreach.

What is the mission of Milagro at Los Luceros?
In collaboration with the New Mexico Economic Development Department’s Film Division and Redford Enterprises, the mission of Milagro at Los Luceros is to provide immersive jobs training and education in film and the arts. The project will be dedicated to community, environmental protection, and advancing the arts as an economic driver. Programs will be designed specifically for New Mexico’s Native American and Hispanic

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Los Luceros has a long history, dating back to pueblo occupation in prehistory.

Mary Cabot Wheelwright and family lived on the site for many years.  She and other scholars discoursed with Hastiin Klah at Los Luceros whose sandpainting tapestry is displayed in the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, Santa Fe.

I visited the museum several times during the 1970s and 1980s when Klah’s tapestry dominated the public display collection.  I have several postcards of his sandpaintings and his biography in my personal collection.

September 2009 SAR Field Trip to Historic Los Luceros.

April 2009 Field Trip of Chilis and Sherds to Los Luceros, Friends of Archeology.


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6 responses to “Native Storytelling at Milagro at Los Luceros

  1. Koda'sTotems

    I love this Jack! I love it that New Mexico is such a popular location for shooting movies. It’s become one of my favorite past-times to identify locations in NM throughout movies. White Sands is a popular shot.

    • I’ve never seen Los Luceros. Gotta go there when it’s open. I, too, like to see places in NM that have been the backdrops. The Ford Ranch out near Galiesteo is another place I would like to visit, but it is private.

  2. Kittie Howard

    Jack, You’re making me want to re-visit New Mexico (as the last trip was a quick drive-thru to get to the East Coast and work.) And because of your blog I’ve noticed references in publications here to many of the sites you’ve posted about. I thank you for that. You’re definitely on top of what’s going on!

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  4. john maldonado

    Jack, I find this all very interesting, my great grandfather and grandfather were both born at Los Luceros.

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