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Sage to Meadow IP Still Out!

Since last Tuesday, Tropical Storm Hermine has knocked out, our IP for blogs, Blackboard and ranch activity. In north Erath County, Texas, we are still without an internet connection today (Saturday).

I have come into Fort Worth today to work on essential tasks relating to Blackboard.

As soon as possible, I will post on Sage to Meadow.


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Tropical Storm Hermine Blows Hats Off

Tropical Storm Hermine, September 8, 2010, 3:05 p.m. CDT. Hermine has passed over our ranch and is headed northeast out of Texas. If you look west of Dallas about 100 miles, that is the location of Flying Hat Ranch.

Tropical Storm Hermine came through Flying Hat Ranch yesterday, dumping four inches of precious rainfall.  The clouds were low to the ground.  The mussel shells we place in the road going to the barn floated down the road with eroded soil, giving the appearance of beach front property instead the semi-arid West.

Hermine blew my hat off and knocked out our high-speed internet connection.  I came into Fort Worth today in order to work on my online classes.  As we left the ranch, the eye of Hermine passed over Interstate 20 and the sun shined and blue sky appeared.  But within a matter of minutes the eye of the storm passed and we were in gentle rain again.

When I fed the horses this morning, Star and Fanny ran around the corral in excitement, kicking and prancing, enjoying the cooler temperatures and wet weather.  I had to empty their feed bins of water.  Lilly, who is by herself in the Broke Tree Corral, loves the cooler weather, too.  The corrals are side-by-side so that they all can be together, young and old alike.


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Labor of All the Days

Happy Labor Day on September 6, 2010!

We work in order to live, not live in order to work.  From automobile mechanics to zoologists, the toil is dignified and noble.

Here are some fine young men and women that made us happy this last year.  These are photographs from the past year in Santa Fe and Taos.

Sarah the Barmaid at Cowgirl Cafe in Santa Fe! Have a Good Labor Day!

Jennifer at Casa Sena opening a bottle of wine for us at lunch. Happy Labor Day, Jennifer!

Happy Labor Day, Lawrence, of The Candy Man, Santa Fe!


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Summer Has Broken

Three weeks ago, I rode Fanny bareback in the Broke Tree Corral.  Terribly hot.  She is such a fine horse.  But she was moody after the ride.  The summer is hard on us all.

Sweet Hija had a problem with flies, dust and heat.  She is nearly five months pregnant with a filly (ultrasound verified) and was having a tussle with summer heat.  To the vet, I have taken her.  When I loaded her, she first balked, then I backed her up, then brought her forward and she came into the trailer, knowing good medicine was at the end of her journey.  She, too, is a good horse.

A few showers had fallen before the change.  Not many, but enough to keep a pale-green cast to the grass, inducing the remuda to browse in pasture.

Then, last week, about Wednesday, the summer broke.  Temperatures went down below a hundred degrees and the sky cleared of summer haze.  You know the haze of summer.  (Oh, how much we want clarity.)  Behavior lightened.  The dark before the dawn was cool, a time when I walk my companion-dogs.

Thunderstorms walked about, shafts of rain as legs, and at night they gave strobe lights to the sky.  At daybreak following storms, horses nickered in tones of cordiality, neither rushed nor anxious.  They sensed a difference.  And I fed more quietly, pausing to feel cool air flowing down the hill to our feed bins.  All seemed lighter, cooler, last Wednesday.

The summer has broken.


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