Under the Shade of Cottonwoods

“At 26.9 m. [from Ft. Sumner, New Mexico] is a clump of handsome cottonwoods beside a bridge over an arroyo. These quick-growing shade trees that thrive where other trees can’t grow are a blessing to this land. Cane cactus appears farther on with occasional growths of low pinon and juniper.”  From New Mexico, WPA Guide Series, 1940, p. 357. Photo by J. Matthews taken at exact spot of commentary in guidebook, September 2010.  Seventy-years later, cottonwoods remain in the arroyo.


All of the horses and dogs are fine.  Lilly has recovered quite well from her bad days a few weeks ago and will go into the winter with good condition.

The pastures are green from the rain and tree leaves in the grove are turning gold.  All is well on the ranch.

I will be taking a vacation from blogging and writing posts on Sage to Meadow, a rest under the shade of cottonwoods.

It is my intention to resume writing posts about nature on November 1, 2010.


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5 responses to “Under the Shade of Cottonwoods

  1. Erin R

    Dr. Matthews,
    I am so glad to hear that Lilly is doing better. That’s wonderful!

  2. Kittie Howard

    What a relief that Lilly is doing well. Just nice to know that the ranch is humming along.

    I posted some awards. Couldn’t get your address to link. What I kept getting was the site for word press. Anyway, Blogger’s acting up. Decided to list other awards later. You deserve one! Any advice on how to link your address?

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