Sage to Meadow IP Still Out!

Since last Tuesday, Tropical Storm Hermine has knocked out, our IP for blogs, Blackboard and ranch activity. In north Erath County, Texas, we are still without an internet connection today (Saturday).

I have come into Fort Worth today to work on essential tasks relating to Blackboard.

As soon as possible, I will post on Sage to Meadow.


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5 responses to “Sage to Meadow IP Still Out!

  1. Interesting. After I read your post the other day, she seemed fairly benign…then when I turned on the television that evening, I saw what havoc she had wreaked. Hope your connection comes back soon. Interesting how attached we become to those conveniences, isn’t it. Best wishes…Martie

  2. Goodness Jack! I didn’t realize you were so affected by Hermine’s wrath right there! I’m glad things are returning to normalcy for you! It’s good for all of us when you’re up and running, full throttle ahead! 🙂

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