Emergent Rushes on Baird Hill Pond?

I drove by the Baird Hill Pond on the way to work this morning in Abilene, Texas.  My habit pattern for eleven years has been to look closely at the pond’s condition and waterfowl that may be browsing.  The pond in the last two years has been devastated with unknown toxic runoff.

This morning, however, I think I noticed emerging rushes along the pond’s edges!  The water has appeared clear and a healthy-dark blue recently, so my first observation about new growth of rushes may be validated.  The pond is along Interstate 20 as you ascend the hill westward to Baird, Texas.  I shan’t get too excited until the sprouts I see emerge farther.

No access road beside the pond allows me to stop my pickup and look closer.  I will have to park about 200 yards away to take photographs from the barrier wall.

We shall see what we shall see.


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2 responses to “Emergent Rushes on Baird Hill Pond?

  1. Kittie Howard

    Ah, good, very good. The emergence of rushes gives a glimmer of hope. It takes a lot of toxins or anything to intimidate rushes so there must be a factory or something in your area for this deadly run-off. We had/have this problem between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The state provided too generous incentives for factories to move in with the predictable results. That stretch between the cities is now referred to as Cancer Alley.

    I’m wondering if the lack of ducks on the bond (post after this one) is related to the toxic run-off….

    • I didn’t know that about rushes being so robust. There was all the powerline construction up from the pond I think that destroyed the rushes. Unfortunately, when I looked at the pond today, the greenery does not appear to be resurgent rushes. I just don’t know. We seem to foul our nest.

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