Ivanpah is Us

The Ivanpah Valley in Nevada and California is us.  I mean you and me:  us.

A corporation wants to bulldoze the valley and construct solar energy complexes to provide California with a “green” source of energy: solar energy.

The valley, dry as it is, is not dry, but holds the habitat of tortoise, kangaroo rat, lizards and sidewinders (beautiful dancing snakes, but be careful).

These creatures will be displaced.  There is slated to be a relocation of these sentient beings by biologists when the permits are granted.  There will be a digging up of tortoises from their burrows and they will be relocated elsewhere!  Within a year, one-half of those tortoises relocated will die.

This sounds a lot like displacing human populations in the Nineteenth Century.  Do you remember reservations?  Moving hunting grounds for gold and silver?  Say, the American Indian?

Ah, that’s history, that’s the Mojave Desert, fit for nothing, build Solar Complexes!  On with it!

Who speaks for the tortoise, the cholla, the lizard?  I do.  Chris Clarke does and hundreds of thousands of citizens that want not only the solar complex at Ivanpah terminated, but also want our over consumption and greed-lined behavior to come to an end.  The tortoise waves its head and seeks a friend.  A mate.  That will come to and end if this project continues.

The Ivanpah is us.  If we allow corporations and the government to use bulldozers upon that sacred land, then it is us that the bulldozers grind.  The Ivanpah is us.



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5 responses to “Ivanpah is Us

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  2. Kittie Howard

    Bravo, Jack! Heat waves rip the country. As do tornadoes, intense rain storms and the like. Yet we (yep, that’s all of us) continue to destroy the habitat that works to keep all of life in balance. For what? More housing? More of the excess? More of what we don’t need! Write on, Jack!

    • Yes, more of what we don’t need. Bare essentials are necessary, but the conspicuous consumption and over consumption are ruining the planet. Not for sure where I am going with this, but I have a good idea. Ivanpah has pushed me over the edge. There are other things closer to home that are bad, but that Ivanpah project intersects so many factors that need to be stopped, corrected, etc.

  3. Yes, Ivanpah is us. I have been a bit disheartened by the lack of understanding this essential point around life. All we can do is take care of our little bit of land we steward, do the best we can, and hope that more and more people wake up.

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