Cactus Illusion II

Caralee Woods, Cacti Illusion, Fort Worth, Texas

Caralee Woods of Kanab, Utah, sent me a cactus illusion she had in her home at Eagle Mountain Lake, Texas, several years ago.  She writes,

Here’s another cactus illusion, one of my favorite photos.  It was taken in a hall that led from the kitchen to the garage in the Fort Worth house.  You will remember there was a series of three small square windows in which I put little pots of small cacti.  The sun would shine at a particular angle, making a shadow on the white opposite wall.

Caralee Woods and Jimmy Henley live in Kanab, Utah, and are building a strawbale compound.  You can visit their website Building Our Strawbale Home! Caralee was a regional book representative for Harper and Row before she retired.  Her husband, Jimmy Henley, was the undergraduate dean at Texas Christian University and taught sociology.  He was a grade school and high school friend of mine in Brownwood, Texas.

Their home at Eagle Mountain Lake near Fort Worth was featured in Architectural Digest [n. d.] before they sold it and moved to Kanab.  Their home was built with many of the lines and forms of the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth.

I used to house sit and take care of their companions (doggies and kitty cats) while they vacationed in the American Southwest.  I grew so attached to their companions that I regretted when they returned and I had to leave.



Caralee and Jimmy’s home was not featured in Architectural Digest, but in the local Dallas and Fort Worth newspapers.  See the comment section below.


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6 responses to “Cactus Illusion II

  1. Caralee

    Well, I could leave the impression that our house was in Architectural Digest, but in fact it was only in a local magazine and both Dallas and Fort Worth newspapers. I agree, it was an interesting building, but somehow missed the critical eye of Architectural Digest….haha

  2. Kittie Howard

    If I remember correctly, you’ve mentioned these friends before, wonderful people who’ve had a positive impact on your life, and others, ie, thru their environmental efforts. There’s something serene about a cactus, just there, alone, but strong, able to defend itself, quietly enjoying life by just being…ah, thank you, Mother Nature.

    • You do have a way with words, my dear. That’s a good way to put it about cactus…alone, but strong. I hope Teresa Evangeline reads this comment of yours. God, I’m glad you are back, Kittie.

      • Kittie Howard

        Thanks, Jack. It’s great to be back. I also missed you and Brenda. I’m slowly getting back into the routine, but not at full mojo speed. My dear friend Susan’s son was murdered. A high school friend did it…an alcohol induced argument….physical force…closed coffin. Just got off the phone with her. I’m not quite sure reality’s dawned. Soooo, your posts are great therapy all the way around. K.

  3. Kittie, I am so sorry about your friend’s terrible loss. That’s just awful. I hope you get back to an even strain soon. I’m so sorry.

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