Lightening Strikes Castle and Sage to Meadow Repeater!


A lightening storm moved through our area — west Texas — last evening and a lightening bolt struck one of the two repeaters for microwave service.  The Castle on top of New York Hill at Mingus, Texas, was hit hard, but no fire or damage.  Bolts of Zeus struck the Castle’s IP relay station, and I have just now been able to get back on the internet.  Feisty fellow.

Full service has been restored.

I will reply to comments and post more these evening.  I was not able to see the responses to Lyric and Teddy Bear until a few minutes ago.

I have work to do in the field until after dark.



Pardon the mythological reference.  Who threw the lightening bolts?  May have been Thor?  I wrote Zeus.


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5 responses to “Lightening Strikes Castle and Sage to Meadow Repeater!

  1. I kind of like the mythology quiz Jack. Thor was the Viking God of Thunder but Zeus was the Greek lightening thrower. At least that’s what my youngest daughter tells me after watching Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

    • I was in a hurry to post the news and did not realize the two, Zeus and Thor, were lightening gods. My cousin brought up the issue on facebook. Thank you to your daughter! I’ll make her a contributing editor!

  2. Koda'sTotems

    Be careful Jack! We don’t want you getting struck by lightening! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kristy. I’m staying out of the way, unplugging equipment when skorm moves through, but this one whacked the Castle. I’ll do a post on the Castle nearby someday. You take care. Thanks.

  3. Kittie Howard

    Some tough bolts. Happy all’s well now. (Three years ago a lightening bolt hit our heat pump and burned out the interior part. We were under warranty, fortunately!)

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