Teresa Evangeline’s Garden

Teresa Evangeline's Garden

One of my friends has a beautiful garden and lawn in Minnesota that helps me transcend dust in the corral.  Today I turned the sprinkler on for the horses to cool themselves.  They liked it, but asked me, “How do we get to Teresa Evangeline’s garden?”

“We’re in Texas, guys,” I replied.  “She’s way north of us.”

“Saddle us, now,” I thought I heard.



Teresa Evangeline’s Garden and blog.



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6 responses to “Teresa Evangeline’s Garden

  1. What a beautiful closing of this day, a full moon rising and this deep kindness from you. Thank you, Jack.

    Your friend,

  2. That’s a hoot. I bet there’d be some good grazing there…

  3. Koda'sTotems

    And I’m sure, if you and your horses showed up at Teresa’s, her garden would become THAT much more beautiful for it.

    Hugs to you and your horses, Jack!

    Kristy (formerly SRZ)


    • Kristy: I’ve been reading your blog and gazing at your pictures. The horses have said, “If we all go up to Teresa’s garden, you and Brenda will have to navigate, but can we stop in Raton and see Kristy? Touch noses with her companions, four and two-legged ones?”

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