Fanny at the Vet

Shiners Fannin Peppy, Photo by B. Matthews (2009)

Sometime last Saturday night or early Sunday morning, Shiners Fannin Peppy (Fanny) severely lacerated her right leg between the fetlock and knee, a gash with minimum loss of blood.  When I cleaned the wound, I discovered that it was much more serious than at first glance and may have penetrated to the bone.  The night before, as a matter of routine, I had placed four horses in two corrals and had left open entry gates to the stalls.  Fanny is an active two-year old and may have injured herself on a gate that was open.

Within two hours of this emergency, I drove Fanny to Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery (ESMS) in Weatherford, Texas, and Dr. Skeet Gibson and his staff took x-rays, cleaned the wound, wrapped her leg and put Fanny in a comfortable stall with alfalfa and Purina Strategy (grain).  He sutured the wound on Monday after the swelling decreased.  Fanny has remained at the ESMS since Sunday and will be confined for a few more days until the laceration heals.  There was no bone impact from the laceration, although another round of x-rays will be taken in two weeks to determine bruising.

Dr. Gibson says the prognosis is very good and the chance of bone damage is minimal.

Fanny is the horse trained by Duncan Steele-Park at GCH Land & Cattle Company.

I have been visiting Fanny and she is healing nicely.


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3 responses to “Fanny at the Vet

  1. Jack: It sounds like Fanny is in good hands. Wishing her a speedy healing! Teresa

  2. Kittie Howard

    Oh but I feel for you and Brenda. Fanny’s family. When family’s hurt, you ache. And when you ache, we ache with you. But it sounds like everything possible was/is being done. Fanny will be just fine. If only horses/kids didn’t act like horses/kids at times, eh? And, Jack, Happy Blogiversary! A year is a major milestone in Blogville. Pop the champagne and celebrate…can Fanny have a sip??

    • Thank you so much, Kittie, for your sentiments. I have given you an award — Prairie Sagebrush award for fine writing to celebrate my blogiversary. Yes, pop the champagne, for it, for us all that blog.

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