Picnic at Flying Hat

Since last Monday, Brenda and I have been hosts to Wendy, my daughter and her two girls, Olivia and Anna Belle.

Yesterday, we drove to the Pecan Tree Pasture for a picnic at 11:00 a.m. to beat the heat of late-spring June.  We had ham sandwiches, potato chips, cookies, white wine and Crystal Lite.

I had shredded the grass underneath the pecan tree with the Case DX-55 several days ago and we spread two tarps and several Mexican blankets on the tarps to provide a buffer from bugs and sticky grass.  We stayed in the shade for over an hour and even reclined and rested on the blankets, looking up into the tree. I dozed slightly.

Looking Up from the Picnic (June 2010, Photo by B. Matthews)

Making this picnic a bit more eventful (or painful, depending on your taste), I sang two songs, “O Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie” and “Ghost Riders In the Sky,” songs I knew almost all the words.  I also quoted some poetry, improvised of course, in honor of the shade of the pecan tree and the slight breeze that cooled us.  Not a good piece of poetry, but my heart was in it.

Comments from the family:

Brenda: “It’s pretty hot here.  I forgot the Love Dip.”

Wendy: “Isn’t this so nice under the sacred pecan tree….We will always remember this.”

Brenda: “If it was Sunday, we wouldn’t hear as much traffic on the highway.”

Olivia: “There’s a bug!…Where are the pecans?”

Anna Belle: “Goo, goo, burble, burgle, chkk.”

Picnic Snooze (June 2010, Photo by W. Needham)


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9 responses to “Picnic at Flying Hat

  1. Ummm – what a great re-creation of your family outing.
    You all got yourselves a good one (family, that is) – comments show that.
    Love the last photo – showing everyone.

  2. Jack, what wonderful images. The sun centered on your family on the Mexican blankets is so fine. It speaks of heat, the reason for siesta time. “Picnic at Flying Hat,” sounds like a good short story title. The kind I like to read.

    • Teresa: Thank you. Yes, you are correct, the heat dimension. Didn’t think about it at the time, but you are right. The colorful blankets reflect the siesta time. That’s how we were when Wendy snapped the picture — trying to save our energy for the clean-up and ride back.

  3. What a sweet and funny story. I love Brenda’s comments!
    When we’re out in the countryside, we usually buy some lovely pekan-cakes for our coffee-break. I love the scent and the taste, and I have often said ” How do you think a pekan-tree looks like?” Now I have seen it, and it is such a lovely shady tree. Thank you.

  4. Kittie Howard

    I think you made us all feel like little kids again, safe under the tree, settling into the afternoon, remembering time go by…ahhh, perfect.

  5. Barbara (Montgomery) Smith

    Hi Jackie! Loved the pictures of the family and the beautiful pecan tree! We have 4 of these great trees but not as gorgeous as yours! Your tree reminds me of those along Coggin Park, so big and grand! Also enjoyed reading your piece about Central Elem. and the pictures. Those were the days!

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