Santa Fe Wine Festival is Coming!

The Santa Fe Wine Festival poster for July 2010

"Blessings from the Vine," S. J. Shaffer, Santa Fe Wine Festival Poster 2010

William Rotsaert: Artist that Painted Santa Fe Wine Festival Poster for 2009

The Santa Fe Wine Festival is July 3-4, 2010, 12 noon to 6 p.m. at El Rancho de las Golondrinas, outside of Santa Fe.  See directions on the two website links below.

Last year, Brenda and I attended the Santa Fe Wine Festival in July 2009.  I’m not for sure if we can attend this year, but we would like to engage the fun and festivities if we could.  In any case, here are some photos from last year’s wine festival to ramp up the mood for wine and food.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas is the location of the wine festival, a living history museum of Spanish colonial New Mexico, translated as, “The ranch of the swallows.”

The website for the Santa Fe Wine Festival is Santa Fe Wine Festival.

Brochure of 2009 Santa Fe Wine Festival. This brochure details the wineries in New Mexico and the associated vendors at the festival.  Quite colorful brochure with more information about William Rotsaert.

Brenda Matthews with Our Wine and Glasses 2009

Wine Festival Thoroughfare 2009

Shade and Wine at the Festival 2009

El Rancho de Las Golondrinas Adobe Buildings

Santa Fe Wine Festival 2009 with Clouds


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11 responses to “Santa Fe Wine Festival is Coming!

  1. Jack
    The Albuquerque Wine Festival is this holiday weekend. I showed my art work last year there, but because of my work schedule for the elections this year I am not able to attend. The link for that event is, for anyone who is interested.

  2. Looks and sounds like fun. I can’t believe I never attended. New Mexico has a few good wineries. I was always partial to one called Plum Loco, more of a dessert wine, that I’ve only found at the Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe. Hope you will be able to make it there. The ranch is a pretty cool place. Please tell Brenda I love her squash blossom necklace!

    • Teresa: I’ll have to try the Plum Loco. The squash blossom necklace was given to her by her mother a couple of years ago. It’s one of her prize possessions now.

  3. StarkRavingZen

    Very cool! I wonder if my husband and I could attend this year… I’m going to ask him! Thanks for bringing it to my attention Jack! Beautiful photos from last year!

    • Kristy: Well, you should go. It’s quite a festival and I’m pretty sure you can stay vegetarian throughout the day. I remember some of their offerings at the food court and it seems that could get the vegetable burrito you have been searching high and low for. Free wine glass with entry fee.

  4. Kittie Howard

    Jack, these are truly lovely photos. Made me want to hop on a moonbeam and drop in. Looked like a perfect day for a lovely glass of white wine (I enjoy really chilled Sancere in the summer). But, most of all, Brenda is truly the belle of the ball, a beautiful lady, and that photo under the tree is magnificent.

    • Kittie: I like the really-chilled Sancere, too. Thanks for your compliment. Brenda came in to read your comment as soon as I said you had said something. She smiled and said, “Oh, she is so nice, that Kittie!”

  5. Your report reveals that SF Wine Fest tops the bill on NM wine fests, setting-wise. Rancho de las Golondrinas is so beautiful. I’ve never attended up there either. My niece reported today on the one at the Balloon Fiesta grounds here in Burque – no shade …

  6. I had seen this post before…and thought I did send you a note…
    This would be a fun day visiting this wonderful place. So very different for our area. One day I will too visit Mexico or Arizona. I like the picture of Brenda I guess, sitting under that big tree next to the terracotta vase. And the photo of the “El Rancho de Las Golondrinas Adobe Buildings” very nice.

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