Field Log 5/21/2010 Native Prairie Grass Restoration

North Erath County, Texas, Lat 32.43 N, Long -98.36 W, elev. 1,086 ft.  Turkey Creek Quad.

Early this spring I planted a variety of native grasses in Pecan Tree and Poprock Hill Pastures.  Some sprouts have come up and the native wild flower mix I integrated into the seed broadcast has yielded flowers.  I have committed to minimum impact farming and stock-tending on the land.  One principle is to allow native prairie grasses to flourish and reseed areas that are sparse.  A second principle is to manually work the land, where possible, such as using the garden hoe, grubbing hoe, shovel and pick rather than machinery–minimum use of the tractor.

To work manually, I hoed six acres, cutting Bull Nettle with a garden hoe.  Approximately 300 nettle scooped out.

Poprock Hill Pasture with Soil Prepared for Reseeding

Pecan Tree Pasture with Native Grass

I still have some nettle to remove, but two-thirds has been eradicated by the hoe–no herbicides used.  If I had used the recommended herbicides, I would have had to keep livestock off the pasture for several weeks plus purchase the herbicides and spray tank.  As it was, when I hoed, I discovered areas in the 35 acre pasture that could use a disc plow to aerate and some natural fertilizer for enriching the soil.  If I had not been close to the ground with my hoe, I would not have seen the land profoundly.



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5 responses to “Field Log 5/21/2010 Native Prairie Grass Restoration

  1. Wow. You’ve raised the bar. Thank you.

  2. Teresa: Thanks. It’s really a different pace to work manually in the fields.

  3. StarkRavingZen

    Six acres HOED…? You are my HERO! An inspiration to us all!

    • Kristy, thanks, but if you and my other friends lived closer I would have invited you to help me. Bring your pets and friends and Brenda and I would have served lunch under the Pecan Tree in the pasture–and I would have made sure your lunch would be properly vegetarian. Red-checkered table cloths, wine, cold water, lemonade, potato salad, pasta primavera, etc. You know, living close to like-minded companions is not such a bad idea.

  4. Kittie Howard

    OMG, six acres with a hoe!! And 300 Neetle scooped out! Like Kristy said, you’re our hero!!

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