Gorman Falls: Texas Rainforest

Gorman Falls near Bend, Texas (Jeff Lynch, Photographer)

Jeff Lynch is producing some of the most stunning photos of Texas landscapes.  This photograph of Gorman Falls, near Bend, Texas, is spectacular.  Please click on the link below for technical information about the photo and his biography.

I have camped many times at Gorman Falls.  I qualified for the First Class rank in the Boy Scouts by hiking from Bend, Texas, to Gorman Falls in the 1950s.  My grandmother hiked with me and pointed out wagon trails and campsites that she had traveled upon and cooked for cowboys, including her husband, J.W. Parks.  When we reached Gorman Falls, she picked watercress from about the stream to relish our lunch.  She lived in Bend, Texas, and worked as a telephone operator at the one-person switchboard.  The switchboard was in the living room where we played dominoes and listened to KWKH Shreveport, Louisiana, for country music and the Louisiana Hayride.

Gorman Falls existed as a respite from the summer heat, a cool habitat for sunburned people that managed cattle on horseback.

Texas Rainforest | Serious Amateur Photography is Jeff Lynch’s blog and website.

On May 10, 2010, the San Saba Commissioner’s Court met and received a report on the Colorado Bend State Park and Gorman Falls. The San Saba News & Star report is found at this link.  Other items included a discussion about the county scales at Hamrick’s Automotive.


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10 responses to “Gorman Falls: Texas Rainforest

  1. Kristy

    Stunning photography, stunning place, Jack. Just beautiful.

  2. Wow. Beautiful photo by Jeff. Love the story of your hike with your grandmother. A fine memory. They don’t get any better… Teresa

  3. Wow, Jack, this story is so amazing and nice to hear. Just like I imagined when I was still a child living in Switzerland and not really understanding all this great big Land North America. Gorgeous Falls…this would be a wonderful trip one day…you are so blessed to have all this close to your home. Memories to keep….

    Thanks for your stories too and so many wonderful posts on your Site.


  4. Kittie Howard

    Magnificent photo, Jack. I could almost feel the water’s spray. I’ve never visited Gorman’s Falls, had heard of it, of course, so enjoyed your link. I could also imagine your grandmother gathering the watercress. What a warm memory. You are truly blessed. (And I miss your stories about your family!)

    • Oh, Kittie, it is a warm memory. We fried bacon and eggs, chopped up onion. Used the watercress as a garnish. Built a fire within three feet of the stream. Grandmother Effie Vernon Parks was her name. I have the stories and will unlock them as I proofread them. Thanks.

  5. Kittie Howard

    Thanks for stopping by, Jack. Truth be told, I’ve a problem leaving comments here. I’m not always sure just where, as there’s ‘leave a reply’ sometimes and then there’s ‘comment’ sometimes. I’ve clicked the follow-up comments block but haven’t received anything. Last night I couldn’t pull up your last link post. Kept getting a ‘not found’ page. Now, having said all that, this is a relatively new computer, a year old in July. It’s got Vista. We’ve had glitches with Vista and are bringing the computer in next week for the Windows 7 upgrade. I’ve also got a Stack Line Overflow problem if I read CNN. The Geek Squad said this is a software failure problem which they will repair next week (but problem shouldn’t affect blog.) Anyway, I think the real problem here is with Vista.

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