Going Green at Malabar Farm

Louis Bromfield of Pleasant Valley Malabar Farm, Ohio (Malabar Farm Website Photo)

Malabar Farm, Ohio, has sustainable outlook about their resources. Needs some emulation in the Trans-Mississippi West.

Malabar Farm is the farm name that Louis Bromfield gave his land.  Bromfield wrote, Pleasant Valley, 1943.

I do not like Wikipedia, but for fast information that needs backing-up or verification, it seems to be a first source.  Therefore, on sustainability, greenness or the LEED, this is what they have:  Leadership in Energy and Environment. I didn’t know what LEED was.

Our ranch is operated on the low-impact ranching principles.  In planning remodeling, we are considering LEED certification for the ranch house.  Our beef cattle operations in the future will include, after careful consideration, the Niman Beef production program.

Salt Creek, Flying Hat Ranch, Hannibal, Texas



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2 responses to “Going Green at Malabar Farm

  1. Malabar Farm. How grand to know these places exist. Their use of recycled materials is outstanding. I’m still hoping to do something on a very small, back-to-the-land scale myself. Alas, the land I’ve fallen in love with comes with a big price tag and so I wait….hoping she will reconsider a smaller divide. It’s beautiful, Jack. Open, grassy meadows surrounded by older established plantation pine. Simply Scrumptious. We shall see… thank you for sharing this important and valuable link.

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