Backlog Unclogged: A List of Worthy Links About Nature

Here are some links to articles about various topics that I have in my backlog.  Some of these I want to write a post about, but since I think they are of value, I wanted to get the links out to you before I wrote.

40 bloggers who really count – Times Online.  The London Times selects forty bloggers worthy of note.  Divided into categories, i.e., green, nature, feminism, politics, etc.

Costa Rica Learn Jaguars Need a Smooth Commute –  Costa Rica habitat preservationists are working to provide migrating corridors for the jaguars.

Worldchanging: Bright Green: Koyaanisqatsi Revisited A reflection on the film and its lasting affect.

I have come across the Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics, Ohio State University.

Here are the sounds of a Sandhill Crane and two chicks about the nest in Michigan.

Sandhill Crane on nest.

Enjoy the sound.  I will be getting authorization to use the sound database more fully in my blog.

From The Atlas of Global Conservation – The Washington Post.  This is a tremendous map resource for reference.

The Daily Scrapbook.  All things related to scrapbooking.  Illustrates old scrapbooks from early twentieth-century forward.  Lots of photos.

Getting Used to It – Cooks Illustrated.  Christopher Kimball writes an essay with each publication.  This is one of his best.

Is There an Ecological Unconscious? –

New Finding Puts Origins of Dogs in Middle East –

Divide and Diminish – Opinionator Blog –

2010 Report: Climate Change — Grasslands.

Climate Change Threatens Migratory Birds, Report Says –

The Sleeping Giant.  A Montana blogger.

Bioregional Animism.

MSU News Service – Management of cheatgrass on Conservation Reserve Program lands.

Condor Lays Egg in National Park –

A Deal to Save the Everglades Could Rescue U.S. Sugar Instead –



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3 responses to “Backlog Unclogged: A List of Worthy Links About Nature

  1. Kittie Howard

    Thanks, Jack, for the links. I’ve bookmarked the post. I read the Everglades article with great interest. I remember an Everglades that ran forever, all wetlands and marsh, just fabulous. What Florida allowed to happen there is criminal!

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