Over the Hill

Over the Hill, February 2009

I am leading Star, Lilly and Sweet Hija over to the Pecan Tree Pasture.  They don’t really need my assistance to go over to the field, but on that day, the horses had not been there in several months and I wanted to walk with them.  The photograph was snapped in February 2009.  Hija was pregnant with Shiney and Fanny was behind Brenda who took the shot.  She stands in the creek bed and is looking up the road to the pasture.

The gate to the Pecan Tree Pasture was closed and I had to open it for them.

Their habit pattern is to go over to the far field and browse on grass most of the day, then near sundown that will come running at a gallop to get their grain in the stables.  Since this photograph was taken, I have kept Lilly close to the stable because of her age.  With Lilly back at the stables, they will not linger in the Pecan Tree Pasture all day long, but come back early to be with Lilly.

Brenda entitled this photograph, “Over the Hill.”



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12 responses to “Over the Hill

  1. What an absolutely beautiful photograph. A great image Brenda has captured here. There’s a silkiness to it….

  2. Spider

    It is a lovely photo …

  3. The photo caught my attention for a long time before the words – touching in its composition and subjects!! I said to myself, is he going to credit Brenda? since it seems like it would have been her photo. And sure enough you did. I love hearing about your horses’ movement patterns. Could be a story in itself, drawn with photos or drawings. A nice family y’all have.

  4. Kittie Howard

    There’s an endless peacefulness to Brenda’s photo. Regardless of technology, the world situation, the whatevers that pop up, at day’s end a man and his family of horses walk into the sunset, with nary a sign of modernity around. And sweet Lilly, oh how she makes the day sweeter, knowing she’s the anchor for Star and Hija. Lovely post, Jack. And when you have time I have an award for you at my place.

  5. Wow Jack. I was scared for moment when this post got to my in-box. I thought you were talking about me. As the old song goes, “I’m not as good as I once was but I’m good once, as I ever was”. Truer words have never been spoken.

    I apologize for the levity. I think my meds kicked in a wee bit early. 😉


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