Field Log 5/7/2010 (Shiney’s Little Stud Moments)

North Erath County, Texas, 32.43 lat., -98.36 long. Elev. 1,086 ft.  Turkey Creek Quad.

Shiners Fannin Pepto (Shiney) Winter 2009-2010

Shiney at Jimmie Hardin’s

Talked with Jimmie Hardin in Aubrey about Shiners Fannin Pepto’s (Shiney) training for manners on the ground and around mares and people.  She said that “Shiney is doing really great, settling down, but he does have his little stud moments.”  What a world I thought, “Little stud moments.”  I asked Brenda, my wife, the female equivalent of “little stud moment,” and she said, maybe for women, “It’s a meltdown.”

The first time at Jimmie Hardin’s, when we put Shiney in a corral, he was between two mares and they teased him over the fence.  He was really an excited colt with two mares on either side of him.  The mares pranced in front of him and he ran around in a prancing gait, light on his feet, even though he probably didn’t know what was going on.  He became lathered up and I fretted he was over-doing his excitement, but Jimmie said he would settle down once we left with his travel buddy, Star, the paint from our place that we put in the trailer to help ease Shiney’s trip to Aubrey, north of Denton.  Star munched on his alfalfa while watching his little friend, Shiney.

In conclusion, he is doing just fine despite his little stud moments.

Called up to Triangle Sales in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  They will have handlers to help me show him through the ring.  And, knowing he is a stud, they will not put him between two mares in the stall area.

Pecan Tree Pasture Mesquite Trimming

Indian Blanket flowers are blooming over in Pecan Tree Pasture.

Went over to Pecan Tree Pasture to lob off mesquites that were growing in the field.  The grass is up to my chest in places and I can detect large animals–deer or wild boar–that have lain in the grass.

Yahoo Runs Amuck

While cutting mesquite, some yahoo drove through my gate, wanting to inquire about the trailer my neighbors have for sale.  The yahoo immediately drove off the pasture road and started coming toward me in his grey, F-250 pickup, trampling grass I wanted to let seed and grow higher.  I was a hundred-yards away and frantically waved him to stop.  What the dickens was this yahoo doing coming into a native grass field in his pickup?

I walked briskly over to where he had stopped after coming some fifty yards into the native grass field, scattering birds.  I had my pruning shears in my hand, but my pistol (.45 cal.) was in the pickup some seventy-yards away.  I did not know what to say, but this is what happened.

Yahoos Fighting by Dudley Fitts (Illustrator)

“Yew goin’ git chiggers,” he squawked, referring to the high grass I had come through to stop his onslaught into the field.  An entirely inappropriate opening of discourse after entering posted property (Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association blue sign).  Was there some chigger alert I had missed on the morning news from Stooperville’s Fox News?

Holding my anger, I said, “You don’t need to be rolling into my field crushing the grasses.  It’ll take two months for the grass to come back up.  The trailer belongs to those people,” I nodded in the direction of the Hall Place.

He looked at me, put the truck in reverse, made an abrupt turn around and sped off, then hit high speed next to my water tank and out the gate and on down the highway towards Stephenville.  I paced off how many feet he had knocked down by coming into grassland that was two to four feet high, native species I had planted six-years ago: a total of one-hundred and twenty-five feet of off-road grass crushing.  It’ll rise up again in a few months with the rains.

I’ll close the gate next time to avoid a confrontation.  I was born and reared in Texas, but I am seeing more arrogant and ill-mannered  people than ever before.  I know yahoos are all around us, but jeez!, wouldn’t you think they could all hang out at another cracker barrel in a county over?

The field log is rather caustic today.  Sorry.


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8 responses to “Field Log 5/7/2010 (Shiney’s Little Stud Moments)

  1. Anonymous

    Jack not only close the gate but lock it. There are many Yahoos with trucks that think they have a license to run amuck without given a thought to what damage they might being doing to the terrain.


  2. Kittie Howard

    Shiney’s ‘stud moments’ brought a chuckle, and I was settling into such when that jerk ignored the Posted sign and drove onto your property, like a City Dude looking for a Starbucks. First, it never entered my pea brain that anyone would drive onto what was obviously a pasture. I mean, duh! And who the hell did this guy think he was to ignore not only the Posted sign but a courtesy stop at the Big House? I’ve never heard of such a thing! And then to tell you that you’d get chiggers! What rudeness, what stupidity, what arrogance. OMG!

    Okay, let’s reverse this situation: This jerk is in his backyard. His neighbor has a front porch chair for sale. So someone breaks open the front door of the jerk’s house and walks through to the backyard and asks him how much the neighbor’s chair costs. This jerk would call the cops! Jack, your restraint was most gracious!! And a sidebar note: Don’t know the Hall’s from Adam. And they’re not players in what happened. But it just seems like, from observations in other posts, they attract quasi trouble. Don’t know, just something unsettling here.

    • I know, who the hell did he think he was. I dunno. It really dulled me for the rest of the afternoon. I did go back out and finish the task in the field–a 35 acre field of native grass. Really good analogy, Kittie. I like it, very fitting and it has helped me gain some distance on the event that happened. Course, with some yahoos, they don’t let it go and seek some sort of tacky revenge. Therefore, I’ve put into action several new habit patterns until this has passed for awhile. My cousin, Sam, remarked about this yahoo’s behavior: “He ain’t been went with much.” Sam is quite literate and is a cantor at a Jewish synagogue here in Texas. But he has a knack for remembering old sayings in our family. I intend to ask Sam to perform a short skit-musical at the next hootenanny in Stooperville. In Yiddish.

      Kittie, thank you for the analogy. It helps.

    • Evangeline

      Very well put analogy. I wish I could of photographed him and put him on the yahoo poster, with many others.

  3. “…a short skit-musical at the next hootenanny in Stooperville. In Yiddish.” Jack, you have a perspective that must at least balance out the bullshit, if not allow you to rise above it. We have to keep our sense of humor or else the yahoos win. Can’t let that happen. You’re doing your part, beautifully.

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