Taos Pueblo Watercolor

Taos Pueblo In Storm (2009)

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This artist, only identified as Hilldowdy1, has produced a magnificent watercolor.  Who is Hilldowdy1?  The artist has several other watercolors online, but there is no information about him or her.

After skimming through Hilldowdy1’s blog, I find out that the artist has traveled in Europe and been at the Chicago Institute of Art.

Please link to Hilldowdy1’s blog by referring to her comment below.  A very fine blog with paintings.


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7 responses to “Taos Pueblo Watercolor

  1. Kittie Howard

    The watercolor is very, very good. Perhaps the artist is a known professional who paints more for expression than money. Oh, Jack, I can’t open your previous Prickly Pear post…get a page that says it’s not found. Sorry. I made the mistake of touching one of those things in Israel…ouch!!

    • Kittie, I reset the Prickly Pear post. ‘Twas down the queue in re-posting. I’ve been stabbed by those cacti a few times. Always shy away.

      I think the artist must paint for expression–like we write, for expression.

  2. Wow! That is outstanding work.

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  4. I currently teach art in elementary school in Arizona. I hope to soon move to Dallas to continue my professional career. Thank you for all of your interest and all the wonderful comments. I paint about my travels. This was a National Geographic Photography Workshop trip that I took in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have taken several of them and this is a painting from one of my photographs. Bonnie

    • Bonnie, Thank you for coming on the blog and letting us know more about you. I hope your relocation goes well to Dallas. As you can read, several have commented and this post about you is one of the most popular. You will probably pick up some traffic to your website. Chat with you later.

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