More Sunday in The Grove with Bridal Path

Salt Creek Above the Road

Sunday Saunter

I have shredded the high grass in The Grove over the past few years.  This year I intend to limit the shredding to a bridle path for us to ride horses and hike.

Drafted in 2003, the following is a list of rules for the ranch.  In most cases, rules are not necessary for visitors, including family.  From time to time, however, we have social gatherings of city slickers and tenderfoots that get agitated and liberated by the wide-open spaces in the West.  Not wanting to spoil fun or merriment, but also wanting to preserve the habitat and wildlife on our place, these rules are posted on the refrigerator door of the main kitchen where guests will surely notice since soda pop and beer are stored therein.  (Click to enlarge.)

The following list consists of daily or regular general chores to keep the place in shape.   I apologize for the misspelling in Ranch Work Standing Order No. 12, although one could conceive of a wedding down in The Grove.  Rules and chores are printed on heavy-weight paper (25 percent cotton bond), left over from the old days when heavy paper was needed for manuscript submission, so I cannot go into the printing and correct the misspelling.  Folks, it’s an imperfect world.  (Click to enlarge.)



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8 responses to “More Sunday in The Grove with Bridal Path

  1. It’s the misspelling that makes this post so special. Love it.

    • Frankly, Teresa, I didn’t catch the misspelling until I started scanning the document. I couldn’t and didn’t want to throw out the 2003 composition, so I decided to make it lighthearted.

  2. Donnie Reno

    I love list too Jack. I need the reminder with my simple mind. Great pics. Bobbie and I hope to see it in person some day soon. Looking forward to one of your great steaks you promised. Don

    • Donnie: Thanks. Hope you two can see the ranchito some day and have some good steaks. I always like looking at the pics of your home that you and Bobbie post on Facebook. Relaxing.

  3. Kittie Howard

    Jack, you’ve got a beautiful piece of property, a ranch that speaks to the soul. But, even though you said Salt Creek was deep, I was happily surprised. Gives a bit of mystery. About your rules, we had the same on the farm. Actually, we had a rustic house built for city slickers who wanted a weekend in the country. My brother managed the farm. (Still does.) He got bored because crops are vendored out now. However, these guests did some pretty dumb things so we finally dropped the idea and just rented the house out to decent country people.

  4. Jack: Love the photos, thanks for sharing more of your beautiful ranch. Guess I’d never really put 2 & 2 together on the similarity of bridal/bridle…like esposa/esposa in Spanish, que no?

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