Sunday in The Grove

Lower Salt Creek

Oak Red Above Creek

No. 1 Flower The Grove

Brenda in The Grove

Today, Brenda and I drove to The Grove to have a small picnic lunch.  She had suggested a picnic earlier in the morning.  After a few chores, I came back by the house and Brenda met me at the back door with a picnic cloth sack.  She got in the passenger seat after I moved the field bag and camera out of the way.  We slowly drove to The Grove, about 0.4 miles on the pasture road, admiring the wildflowers along the way.  (Tomorrow, I use a disc to bring topsoil over the seeds I spread yesterday.)

We had a light lunch of ham sandwiches, potato chips and Dr. Pepper.  We finished the lunch off with small chocolate eggs wrapped in colored foil.  As we sat on the tailgate of the pickup, we chatted about the flowers under our feet, the pre-blossom forms that presage the flower.  We looked south into the Salt Creek ravine, not able to see the water in the creek, but feeling the effect of the cool water and the canopy of trees above us.

We then walked to the creek and I showed her the red oak tree (verify) that was different from other oaks along the bank.  We walked along the creek bank — it’s rather deep, the creek ravine, about fifteen feet to the bed.  We noticed a few old deer trails and holes under trees that animals had dug.  I took photographs of wild flower specimens she discovered.   She suggested that I hollow out a large oak tree that had fallen in order to put in some plants back at the house.  We chatted about taking the surplus brick we had stored at the construction area and use it to floor the ground for the outdoor grill.  I teased her that I was going to have to get out my notepad to take down all the projects she intends for me to accomplish.

We walked all the way to the east water gap and turned around, slowly walking back to the truck.  Brenda said that this summer, Olivia, our grandchild, could put on long pants and hike with us along the creek and about the grove.  We arrived back at the truck and drank some cold water, refreshing ourselves.

Brenda wanted to ride on the tailgate on the return trip.  I promised I would go slow.  I circled by the corrals and Shiney the colt was very interested in the person riding on the tailgate — a new visual for the little guy.  After pausing to chat with the horses — fine horses, courageous horses — I drove back to the house, Brenda and I talking even though she was still riding the tailgate and I was driving.   The wind was blowing, but not hard.  Clouds and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico passed overhead.  No rain fell although a forty percent chance had been forecast.

Sunday in The Grove.



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19 responses to “Sunday in The Grove

  1. What a way to spend a day. I need to get Karen to NM so we can visit your place. I have only seen it in your post, but I sure can relate to nature there. Thanks for keeping me grounded with your words.

    • It was a good day. Karen still in Oregon, was it? Love to have you and Karen visit. Hope things are well in your beautiful state. Your photographs keep reminding me of all that I am missing there.

  2. Wonderful marriage of images, the written and the photographed. It appears Lower Salt Creek is not shallow when running full. Thanks for taking us along on the fine lunch break you and Brenda shared. Glad to hear you found some eggs while you were out there. 🙂

    • Laughing about finding the eggs. Oh, when it runs full, it is pretty fierce. It is an intermittent stream. There is a tremendous runoff from the upper watershed when a thunderstorm strikes. Water gaps are opened and all sorts of things come floating by. What you see in the photograph is slightly higher than normal. We’ve had a lot of rain lately and I cannot cross the stream with the tractor. Mustang grape vines often erupt in leaves, but not fruit, along the stream.

      • I can picture that runoff and creek force with the channel that deeply carved. Now that would NOT be the place to go egg hunting. Rain, hard not to feel blessed with every drop. Would be nice to be able to coordinate it’s timing on occasion.

    • Nice way to refer to the posting — taking my friends along on the lunch break. I like that a lot.

      • We sure enjoyed it. In fact that Dr. Pepper sounded really good. Haven’t had one in decades. I do love Ginger Ale but there may now be a Dr. Pepper in my future.

  3. Spider

    That sounds fantastic, and the woods remind me of places we regularly visit over this side of the pond :0)

  4. What a lovely post, Jack. I so enjoyed reading about your picnic with Brenda and your really fine day. It’s been a long time since I rode on the gate of a pickup…what fun, still visiting as you went along.

    • Yes, visiting as we went along. We talked — taking Hija for breeding, making more of an attempt to picnic out again, how pleasant Easter was, she okay back there? and how green the pasture be.

  5. Wonderful description to what sounds like a perfect day.

  6. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

  7. Donnie Reno

    Bobbie and I have days like that but I don’t know how to express them the way you do. Great job, I can picture your day and every step in my mind. I can almost smell the wild flowers and the clean air as you walk and drive around the place. Don

  8. Kittie Howard

    Perfect! I could visualize it all! And what a beautiful photo of Brenda! But riding on the tailgate, ohhhhh but I remembered when I did the same and could feel myself hanging on, the light wind on my face…pefect, Jack, perfect.

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