Taos Sunflower: When The Simple Life Isn’t

A really great post on being on and off and on the electrical grid in Taos, New Mexico.  Personal comments on solar panels, batteries, washing, refrigeration and a husband who happens to be an electrical engineer.

Martie (Taos Sunflower) evokes the contradictions we all live with in trying to be frugal, green and sustainable.

Taos Sunflower: When the simple life isn’t.


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4 responses to “Taos Sunflower: When The Simple Life Isn’t

  1. This is one good piece of writing and expository prose on the ups and downs of trying to do the right thing in this finite world. She’s good, this Taos Sunflower, and she knits.

  2. Jack, Thanks for pointing us to her blog. It is a very interesting and concise look at the pros and cons of life off-the-grid. I left a comment there for her. I so admire folks who have made a choice not just for themselves, but for future generations.

  3. It is a fine post Martie left and I’m glad you featured it here.

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