Fanny Returns

Shiners Fannin Peppy and Jack Matthews, GCH Land & Cattle Co., March 2010 (click to enlarge)

Shiners Fannin Peppy, “Fanny,” came back to Flying Hat yesterday.  At the hands of Duncan Steele-Park, her teacher, she has had three months of the best training I could afford.  Fanny will be a excellent pleasure horse, a fair cutter and all-around riding horse.  Duncan assessed Fanny:  She’s a good horse, but in this high-dollar business of cutting horses, she could not compete at the super-athlete level that is required to succeed.  I’m not a swimmer, either, he said, and I and you, Jack, have to play to her talents, to her disposition and behavior.  It’s unfair to force her into being the athlete she is not.

I could not have asked for a better teacher for my horse.  Let her be herself, play to her strengths.  Fanny came back home and was welcomed by the remuda: they kicked and ran and whinnied, communicating excitement.  I’ll have more photographs about Fanny, but for now, you’ll have to settle for the photograph above: myself, my companion.


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16 responses to “Fanny Returns

  1. And, a nice photo it is. Welcome home, Fanny!

  2. Jack, I updated my blog roll to include Sage to Meadow. Now, I should get updates on posts. I also subscribed by email. I left a note on my comments, but decided to add this info. here, as well. BTW: What is a legacy blog roll? Sounds nice 🙂

    • Well, a legacy blog is one of those blogs that you have initially bonded to and keep in a circle of communication by pinging and traceback (I think that’s the word). I’ll have to do a little more looking at the term, but on WordPress, there is a line in posting that you can list manually the legacy blogs outside of WordPress, i.e., those who use Google, other software. You are one of my legacy blogs that I traceback, ping, list and keep informed of my spiels. When I post, I can list those legacy blogs and send notification that I have a new post. I’m sure a techie could expand and correct, but that’s my take, Teresa, legacy blog.

  3. Sounds like a very good horse. I hope to read more about her.

    • Wildstorm: You will see some more photographs over the next few days. Fanny was trained on a hackamore and I have never used one. So, there’ll be some new stuff coming up on Fanny. On your banner on your blog, where was it shot? I have a question about the photo. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Jack, that photo in my banner at the top of my blog just north of Whitesboro. I drive by it from time to time but cannot what road its on. Looking forward to more about Fanny. I ride Carter in a snaffle, however, there are times I simply keep him in a rope halter with a nice heavy lead rope.

    • The photo on your banner is quite Texas. I noticed that under the roof on the right side are some steel or aluminum panels. Those are the types of panels that were used to construct runways for airports, very World War IIish. About Fanny, she did not take to the snaffle and Duncan recommended staying with the hackamore, something I know little about.

  5. Very snappy photo. It’s the perfect combination of horse, human and hat.

  6. StarkRavingZen

    Yay! Fanny’s home! This warms my heart. Wish we could all be “played for our strengths” rather than forced into being something we are not. Fanny’s a lucky lucky girl. 🙂

  7. kittie howard

    An above comment had it right: what a great combination of horse, human, and hat! And great seeing Fanny back. You’re a wise man, Jack, for letting Fanny be Fanny.

  8. Lucky Fanny to have such a great human!

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