Logo of Grrl Scientist

I have discovered in the last few days, two striking logos, artful and intriguing.  I posted The Conelo Project logo yesterday.  Here is another artful logo from Grrl Scientist, Living the Scientific Life, and her other blog, Maniraptora: Tastes Like Chicken Blog.

GrrlScientist Image on About Page (artist unknown)

Grrl Scientist’s logo picture of herself is a parrot, inserted on her blog site.  I am always intrigued as to self-portrait selections, logo appointments and gravatars.  My gravatar is Evangeline Chavez’s photograph of buffalo stampeding through the snow at Sandia Pueblo.  If I parse out the personal-emotive rationale for using award-winning Chavez’s photograph (with permission), it is this:

Motion, winter, symbol of the West (bison), vigor, nature, white and brown, buffalo hair, undomesticated, untamed, consequence of over cropping, revitalization, reestablishment of wilderness virtues, ghost and present animation, return of the repressed.

Buffalo and Snow, Sandia, Evangeline Chavez



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2 responses to “Logo of Grrl Scientist

  1. Buffalo and Snow…a fabulous photograph. It says so much.

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