Field Log 3/25/2010

North Erath County, Texas, 32.43 lat., -98.36 long. Elev. 1,086 ft.  Turkey Creek Quad.

Rain yesterday, 0.90 inches.  Cannot work field, too wet to plow (literally, folks).

Bow hunter died this morning.  My colleague at college, David Kanady, passed away.  Forty-ish.

He taught British literature at a juco place — oh, the bowels of  pedagogy.  David would walk the hall to  invigorate himself to teach.  He saw teaching as an opportunity, not a preparation.  But, a bow hunter died this morning.  That’s what I want to write about, that’s his legacy.  A bow hunter: giving the animal a chance.   He missed his shot.  He ate what he killed.  Traveled to Wyoming, followed the herd, and took his shot.  I know it was part vain, but  he shot with honor, giving life a chance.  He was appointed on a contract to teach at a juco place, $24,000.00 a year.  Hey, but you get benefits!   He gave the antelope a chance, then he dressed it, and brought the meat to the table of his parents, an only child he was.  He missed shots.  Bow and arrow.   David hunted parttime, respected nature always.  RIP, David.

Lilly settle in to her stall.  Hija adjusts to corral again.  Oh, she is a peppy girl — see her pedigree.

Called Duncan Steele-Park.  Will pick up Fanny tomorrow.

The Origin of Urantia by Dipti Bhakti


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11 responses to “Field Log 3/25/2010

  1. A bow hunter dies young. A compadre drops out of the net. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, thanks, C.C. Do you ever state it right, drops out of the net. We do have a net, some do drop out. My, oh, my. Jeez! Gotta be light in all this darkness, C.C.

  3. Randall Tate

    Sorry to hear of your friends death. He sounded like a great person, and he will live for ever in your mind ever.

  4. HeatherHicks

    David taught like he hunted – every chance to enter the class, an opportunity, a shot. As all of us in the bowels, he missed some, maybe even many. But he gave them all a chance. Evidence: his students were forbidden to staple their papers – an aberrant order from an English instructor. But befitting the bow hunter.

  5. Jack, I’m so sorry for your loss of a comrade. “…drops out of the net,” is a lovely way to state it. It speaks of the natural way of Life itself. I so enjoyed hearing “The Origin of Urantia.” Beautiful. What an interesting way to share music. I’ve not seen that form before. Have you read any of the “Urantia” material? I have read several sections of the book, but not in its entirety. It is a tome of tomes 🙂 An interesting study on our possible origins.

    • No, I’ve not read Urantia material. I didn’t know it existed. I had come across this DreamCloud software, widget on a British blog that I have on the blogroll that he had on his blogroll. I liked it, so last night, I put it up. The selection of songs is kinda limited to techno-stuff, but I thought appropriate to David’s soaring in the sky again. It is an interesting way to share music. I’ll bet you have some music there at the beach, natural stuff, not techno. I’ll see if I can forward the DreamCloud item.

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