Canelo, Arizona, Natural Color Palette

Color Palette of Bill and Athena Steen, Canelo, Arizona (courtesy Caralee Woods)

This is a color palette on the door of a storage shed of clay samples owned by Bill and Athena Steen, Canelo, Arizona.   The Steens are teachers of building straw bale homes.  In addition, they work with clay and lime native to the Southwest in their building projects.  Their goal is to connect culture, people and nature.

“The Canelo Project is a small non-profit organization founded in 1989. We are dedicated to the exploration and development of living systems, including growing food and building that creates friendship, beauty and simplicity.

We are known primarily for our work in Strawbale and other Natural Building techniques.” — Bill and Athena Steen, Canelo Project.

Conelo Project Logo

This is the beautiful logo of the Canelo Project, illustrative, I think, of their mission and purpose.

For more information, please click on the website, The Conelo Project, and Bill Steen’s blog,  The Canelo Chronicles.

Thanks to Caralee Woods for this information.

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