Lewis and Clark Plant Identification

Lewis and Clark’s Montana Plants When Lewis and Clark were in Montana they collected an unknown number of vascular plant specimens.  Of all the specimens collected, 31 still exist and are housed in the Lewis and Clark Herbarium in Philadelphia. This page includes articles about these 31 special Montana plants generally, species specifically, and a list of sources for further study.  Click the link below for photographs and citations.

Lewis and Clark



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2 responses to “Lewis and Clark Plant Identification

  1. Thanks for this link Jack. Very interesting. Have also been following some of the chatter this week on the global seed collectors. Knew of some US work in that direction but not the global project.

    On another note, I can’t believe that until a moment ago I hadn’t noticed the wind mills on the bluff in your header. Any idea how much of the regions power is supplied by them? You must have some consistent, significant winds in your area.

    • Chris: Following the Lewis and Clark history has been a favorite of mine. Once had my class buy a one volume primary source of their journals. I was fascinated that botanists had correlated the journal with seeds and posted it online. The global project, I’ve not heard about.

      I don’t know how much power is provided locally. British Petroleum built this windfarm about three years ago — called the Desdemona Field, after a town nearby. The farm is on a ridgeline of hills that have consistent winds. I’ll try and find some more information.

      Brenda snapped the pic in November 2008, and I want another pic for the spring.

      Keep looking for that elk, Chris.

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