St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Tri-color Flag

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.  My father sent a postcard to my mother in 1942, from a Georgia paratroop training camp, urging my mother, “Keep flying that Irish green, Blondie!”  She flew the Irish green, converted to Catholicism before marriage to my father and basically accentuated her Irish heritage for as long as she lived.  My mother always introduced me as, “Little Jack, the first and only heir to my property!”  Later, I found out that the introduction was as Irish as the shamrock.

So, in remembrance of St. Patrick, let us fly the Irish green for a time.  ‘Twould be good.



Filed under Recollections 1942-1966

4 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day

  1. John Caraway

    Great Story!

  2. Jack – Great post. I had a green beer in honor of your mother. And you, of course. Looking forward to my photo a day. . .And I’ll try to get some of the Santa Fe Plaza in March.

    • Thank you. Yes, a green beer it is. Thank you for raisin’ o’ the glass, my lassie. I toast you, too. Get some photos for the day. And, the plaza. Always something going on there.

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