Field Log 3/11/2010

North Erath County, Texas, 32.43 lat., -98.36 long. Elev. 1,086 ft.  Turkey Creek Quad.

5:00 p.m.  Elm tree shows first green leaves on Gibson place, two miles to the north on SH 108.  This elm tends to be the first tree showing leaves in the immediate area as it lies in a shallow draw.

Horses, Hija and Lilly, have been in Poprock pasture for two days without coming back to corral for grain, browsing on newly-emerging grasses.

Two large coyotes, off-whitish to a Charlois color, sighted near Poprock pond, trotting southwest across top of dam.  Trot in single file.  Large tails.  Horses ignore them.  Coyotes paused, then traversed down into Grove, I think.   Will check for track in the morning.

Rain and thunderstorms this afternoon.  Cooling off to lower 50s F.

Rosemary bush blooms.

Dove calls more prominent.  Type Dove.

Star’s feet less tender today from farrier trimming on Monday.

Order native grass seed tomorrow.

Turkey Creek Quad, Texas, Field Log Area, Exact Center is Flying Hat Ranch (click to enlage for fine detail)

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