Field Log 3/10/2010

Poprock Pasture on March 7, 2010 (click to enlarge)

North Erath County, Texas:

5:45 p.m., in field between grove and arena, a large coyote, primarily reddish-gray, trotting, then scanning the Dooley pasture.

Two blue herons sighted flying over stock tank.

Pear tree on Blue place bloomed whitish blossoms yesterday, more blossoms today.

Some budding of brush in grove, unidentified.

Some greening and sprouting buffalo grass in pastures.

Stock tank overflow is light, flowing into Hall place stock tank.

Note: must order grass seeds immediately.  Mow down patches of cheatgrass before it emerges higher.



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5 responses to “Field Log 3/10/2010

  1. By the way, what is your latitude?

    • Hi C.C., 32 deg. 22 min. lat., -98 deg. 20 min. long. The topographical map is the Turkey Creek quadrangle, I think. I’m here in Abilene and the field work files are at the house.

      What is your latitude? I think Taos (I know you aren’t there, I think…) got several new inches.

    • C.C., I’m back at the house and field files. Precise location on the Turkey Creek Quad is 32.43 lat., -98.36 long., elev. 1,086 feet.

  2. 35 degrees north and -106 – North Valley of Albuquerque, and around 5K ft. in elevation. East side of city (6K’) had a good couple inches this morn. Buds are fat on our sheltered apricot – in years past they have been popping out by now. On Rio Grande Blvd 2 morns ago the Los Poblanos newly cultivated field had over 30 Sandhills pecking away, no bother that the traffic was rolling by! The fact that your pears are blossoming means you are warmer for sure!

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