The Honest Scrap Award Given to Sage to Meadow Blog

Sage to Meadow blog was given The Honest Scrap Award today.  Kittie Howard of The Block Blog gave Sage to Meadow the award for longevity, fine writing and comments.  Thank you, Ms. Howard and the blog, Adventures of The Cautionary Tale.

I must give an acceptance speech or writing to obtain The Honest Scrap Award for outstanding blogging, so in compliance with accepting this award, here are ten (10) personal items about me that most people do not know:

1.  Swimming across the coves of central Texas lakes from shore to shore, I do like.

2.  I like to sit in the stable alleyway for hours watching not only the horses, but the wildlife that comes to the corrals.

3.  Flying commercial overseas, I only fly Lufthansa.

4.  I enjoy being the only person in charge of care taking my granddaughters and grandsons, with no parents around, so that I can talk to them and they to me.

5.  I like the rain in my face.

6.  Choirs and symphonies with all stops unloosed, I like.

7.  I like afternoon naps when I can have all the windows open and hear the wind flow through the screens.

8.  I love those students that may not make the “A,” but work like crazy and long hours and come to exams with circles under their eyes, having given their “old college try” for the exam.

9.  I like the widest of open spaces, the desert south of Taos, looking at the Three Sisters Peaks.

10.  I like to drive in the springtime down through the backroads of San Saba and Lampasas Counties with the windows down, the air conditioner on the pickup full-blast, inhaling the scent of meadows of bluebonnets and paintbrushes and wildflowers I cannot even type.

Thanks again, my friends and fellow bloggers.  Here’s to making slight, but significant, changes for the common good through our writing!

(Thanks, Brenda, for being patient with me as I blog.  You do so much.)



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18 responses to “The Honest Scrap Award Given to Sage to Meadow Blog

  1. Wendy Needham

    Way to go Dad!

  2. Generosity of attention you display – and nice someone noticed.

  3. John Caraway: Historian at large

    I enjoyed this Jack, especially the comment about the students who might not make the “A” reminds me of a friend and former student of yours. take care.

    • John, So glad you got a chance to see my blog. I don’t mention it much at school. You might like some of my postings. Yes, the hard-working student that is growing in college was a lot like me, years ago, just like the friend you mention. I’ve had some really good students here, some of which I would like to go back and change their grade upward. Ah, well.

  4. StarkRavingZen

    Excellent Jack! I got the same award and should be posting my own ten things… It’s much more fun to read yours though, and many of them could be on my list! 🙂

    • Kristy, I thought some of the same things would be on your list so I got mine out there first. I noticed that Kittie had something like the wind coming in through the windows while she read. I’ll bet you’ll have something like that too. I saw that you got the same award.

      Kristy! Direct me to your post on your blog in which you wrote about the burrito in Raton cafe. I looked for it the other day and could not find it.

      Congrats to you, my friend.

  5. Love your list of Ten Things, Jack. It’s so nice to read of other people who know how to relish the small, simple things in life, the things of true value. I’m enjoying your Field Notes, as well. Simple statements of simple beauty. A certain grace accompanies them.

    • Teresa, Thanks. I hope is well with you in your travel. Wow, are you fortunate. Are you traveling alone–not trying to be personal, just curious. Good to be alone, but good to have companions. Check with you later.

      • I’ve traveled alone for about four years now. At present, I’m staying with friends who live north of Portland, Maine. I’ll be heading down to the beach place I’m renting in a few days. I’m learning to relish this time in my life. I had been in one relationship or another since I was 15. It was tough getting used to, but it’s fine now. A good growing experience for me. Thank you for asking…

      • Teresa, yes, growing experience. In Portland, Maine. Wow! Shoot pictures, write, write, write. And, at the beach. Lucky woman.

  6. Congratulations…well deserved! I know reading your blog has certainly enriched my blog world.

    • Gosh, Martie, thanks. I have to say that reading your blog and learning about your family and pets and Arroyo Seco is a fine experience for me every time I log on your site. And, to think, I did not know you were one of those notable Taos women photographed for the record when I entered you on my blogroll and started reading your work. I really like your site and hope there are years ahead of us in blogging so we can trade ideas and comment on the valuable and the trivial.

  7. Melissa Toliver Collins

    Jack – enjoying all your posts! Wish I had such a way with words as you.

    • Hi Melissa, my cousin, although because your father and I are so close, I sometimes look at you as a niece. I’m glad you are reading posts. I’ve got some on the family that I am working on that are incomplete and not online, but there’s already a few posts about Gywn and events down in San Saba. I haven’t seen you in awhile. Hope things are going well. Please read all you like here and when you feel like it, comment. So glad to hear from you!

  8. Congratulations Jack, you are most deserving to be sure. And to Brenda as well. We, your readers, are so lucky to have found you or you us. However the magic works. You truly are making changes for the common good and I’m plum tickled, as my Grandma used to say, to watch them unfold.

    • Thanks, Chris, I’ll be sure and tell Brenda what you wrote. “Plum tickled,” haven’t heard that in a long time. And, I am so glad I found your site. I checked it during the week and shortly before I wrote the piece and didn’t see a new post. Then, late yesterday, I noticed (Sunday) that you had a new piece. I’ll settle down soon and read your work. Without even looking back, I can remember your piece on the bridge commute.

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