Animals May Be Granted Legal Protection in Switzerland

An extended protection of animals without egregious sentimentality, taking into account all parties and understanding the necessity to sustain multiple-living communities for their own sake as well as human beings, is a just cause.

These are issues for all of us to be sensitive to, whether conservative or liberal or in-between.

Ships and corporations are treated in United States courts as “fictitious” persons, so this is not as far-fetched as it might seem.  If a corporation is entitled to due process, why not the Greater Sage Grouse that is facing a retreating habitat in California and Nevada?  Or, other living, sentient beings?

Swiss May Give Animals Free Lawyers – The Lede Blog –



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8 responses to “Animals May Be Granted Legal Protection in Switzerland

  1. Germany already gives animals legal personhood, and I’m thinking there are other European countries that do the same. Here, should there be a court case, the animal is only worth what you paid for it. A $50 puppy at the shelter, harmed or killed by someone, is worth $50 in legal damages.

    For those interested in this topic, there is a seminal, very interesting book to check out: RATTLING THE CAGE: Toward Legal Rights for Animals, by Steven Wise with a forward by Jane Goodall. Wise teaches animal rights law at Harvard Law School, and makes the case for being-hood for animals. Here’s the Amazon link:

    I read this book when it first came out and found it not only very readable and page-turning, but enlightening and hopeful.

  2. Were it that this was true in Northern NM…when I lived in Chimayo in the early 90s, I was shocked to learn there we no laws on the books in Rio Arriba County protecting animals. That was the beginning of my loss of innocence about animal abuse. In the years since, the stories just seem to get worse each year. An advocate for these poor souls would surely be fantastic. On the story about the man torturing the pike for 10 minutes before it died…I realize this is probably a fairly unpopular thing to say, but I’ve always felt “catch and release” was a rather evil past time, and no one loves fishing more than I do.

    • I know the stories. I never understood how catch and release is better than leaving them alone unless you are hungry and need to fish to survive: then catch.

      There’s work to be done, especially in the outback of a lot of the West.

  3. PS Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ve just placed my order.

  4. StarkRavingZen

    I’ve lived in Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and now New Mexico. The stories of animal cruelty know no borders, they’re horrific wherever you go. The only concept which saves my sanity re: the subject of animal cruelty is karma. I truely believe there’s a special place in eternal agony for those empty enough to harm innocent others.

    • Thanks, Kristy. I always think of you when I write about animals and the onslaughts (humans, too) they have. I think of the falcon? was it, that you rescued, the background you have in the vet business and more. I want to things to improve and I am working for it. I know you and others that correspond in the blogosphere and the world-out-there are doing the same.

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