Sandhill Cranes: 350+ Northing

Yesterday at about 5:45 p.m., as I returned from the pasture, I heard the Sandhill Crane, tuk-tuk–tuk-tuk, and looked south towards Hannibal, Texas, the direction I had seen flocks earlier this week.  I saw no flocks to the south.  Catching the sound again, I looked east towards the Rust Ranch (whose horse barn repeats my microwave for internet service) and saw a huge, migratory, single congregation of Sandhill Crane heading north, three miles away, 1,500 feet a.g.l. over the Rust Ranch barns.

By my quick and dirty count, I estimated the northing cranes at about 350-500 in number.  My camera was back at the house, so I could not get there in time to snap a picture of this huge flock.

I may have this wrong, but I discerned that in this large flock of 350+, only, say, ten cranes calling, tuk-tuk.  I would have thought more vocalizations from such a large group.  But no.  It was the largest flock I have seen in flight.  I have heard large flocks on the ground in the Muleshoe, Texas, marshes and their murmurs are quite numerous before daylight.  Beautiful, peaceful chorus.



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2 responses to “Sandhill Cranes: 350+ Northing

  1. That is a lot of cranes. The most I’ve see was at the Bosque de Apache. I bet Jack they are coming my way, and I have my camera ready. Have a nice morning.

    • Yes, a lot. I’ll bet they are headed for the Bosque. How I envy you sometimes to be able to see such beautiful country up there. Yet, I see beauty down here. My photos are more documentary than anything else, fitting with what I am writing and feeling about…and thinking. I hope your cold has gone away.

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