The Blue Sign

Blue Sign on Pasture Gate, TSCRA

One of the protective aspects for livestock in Texas and the Southwest is the familiar TSCRA blue sign.  Texas and Oklahoma are divided into districts with a special ranger from TSCRA chasing down rustlers and thieves that pinch off everything from one cow to a whole herd.  I have these signs on all my pasture gates that front a public road.  Rustlers admit that they try and stay clear of places with the blue sign, but it doesn’t always work. Recent letters to The Cattleman, the official publication of the TSCRA, compliment special rangers catching the bad guys:  “Our camp house and barn in Waller County was broken into and several items were stolen–including a pair of spurs my dad had made for me 26 years ago….[They] were recovered five days later in Vega (30 miles west of Amarillo).”

Here at my place, I am in TSCRA district 10 and H.D. Brittain of Weatherford, Texas, is the special ranger.  I’ve not had a reason to call H.D., but the shooting of Bald-Face Lie has put him on the list of persons to interview about the status of the investigation.

My uncle Floyd in Cherokee, Texas, near San Saba, was a member of the TSCRA and posted these signs on his place.  The entry to Floyd’s ranch was a cattle guard that several ranches used for access to their own property.  Wired to the fence, next to Uncle Floyd’s cattle guard, was the blue sign of TSCRA that cautioned desperadoes to move farther on down the trail.

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