Still No News on Bald-Face Lie Shooting

Bald-Face Lie Profile 2009-2010

Sorry to report that there is no news on the shooting of the filly, Bald-Face Lie.  I’ll see what I can do to find out some additional information.  If you Google the Weatherford Democrat and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspapers, you can read some articles about previous depredations in the area.  I, frankly, do not want to post articles of such violence, but, as Kittie Howard wrote, “There is something Really Nasty out there.”  I think despite the gore, we have got to speak out about this craziness and drill down into the American culture to burn out those ideas and pathologies, fostering violence against people, animals and nature.  The Really Nasty has to always feel the heat and hear the hooves coming at ’em.

I am writing an article on the shooting of several buffalo up north of Abilene, Texas, months ago.  It’s a piece I want to spend time on, nail it down and write about the rancher that slaughtered the herd that had “strayed” on his land as well as the culture (regional and historical) that underwrites this behavior.  I may have to post the article on another blog than Sage to Meadow, but I’ll let you know where.



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6 responses to “Still No News on Bald-Face Lie Shooting

  1. Buffalo were slaughtered because they strayed onto his land?!? I’m just sick. Thank you for putting this story out there as part of that heat…

  2. StarkRavingZen

    I truly believe that the Really Nasty will get nastier- a normal response to feeling diluted by a lot of powerful Light waking up in the world. They can get Nasty all they want. It won’t stop the goodness in people. In fact, I think it will just help it bloom.

    • I’m of the same mind, unfortunately. The Really Nasty will get nastier. There’s much to do, much to say. I know you have been so close to animals and nature and some of the crapola we read about and I know you must go SRZ. I just have to walk out of the room. But, that doesn’t help our four-legged friends. I donate. I write against the craziness and I teach that our relatives aren’t all human. I’m not of the mind that it’s going to stop, but I think I can stop the craziness in my pastures, in my grove and about my home. A friend of mine, Caralee Woods, who has the Built By Hand Strawbale home in Utah, is one of the fiercest defenders of cats and dogs I’ve ever seen. God knows we need legions of you and she.

  3. Kittie Howard

    Jack, I applaud you — and couldn’t support you more — for speaking out. How a neighbor could kill part of another neighbor’s herd is beyond me. This goes against not only all the unspoken rules of neighborly farming/ranching but against the goodness of man. A refusal to speak out only gives that Something Nasty, a true bully, reason to believe that might wins out over right and license to continue. Write on, Jack!

    • It’s just beyond me on the one hand, but on the other I see the resentments building up in people, even out here, or maybe more likely out here in the West. I will try and pull something together about the buffalo and get it out there. I don’t want such a thing to go away like so many other depredations.

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