Fine Sentences February 21-27, 2010

These are some fine sentences from blogs I read during the week of February 21-27, 2010.  If a writer has not composed during the week, I do not make a selection.    As a general rule, I read the blogs listed here on Sage to Meadow and The 27th Heart, my other blog, and pick fine sentences.

I read at the Renaissance Festival for years. Our booth had many fine readers, but noticed some were simply downers. –Turquoise Moon, reading at the Kansas City, Kansas, festival.

It is twilight, and the snow makes all a soft glow. Spring will come. It will come. It will. Coffeeonthemesa, Taos.

If you’re making a ton of money, but how you’re earning it is literally killing you, then nothing else matters but re-focusing. The cars, the house, the fancy clothes… None of it matters but your happiness, your health, your ability to live freely-societal expectations be damned. –Stark Raving Zen on changing occupations, overcoming the affect of depression.

I know what makes me happy — being in the desert — and it’s readily available, just an hour away. –Chris Clarke, Coyote Crossing.

Slowly I pieced my household together, and in the process my life started to get some of its form back. I Love New Mexico Blog, on a double-wide trailer at Ute Lake, New Mexico.

My rinky-tink ‘61 Morris Mini-Cooper S supported legions of mechanics on its wiring problems alone. On one ill-advised trip south, with yet another electrial crisis, I pushed my non-working sportscar into Guaranteed Tire in Mountainair. –New Mexico Photography, Sebastian on Mountainair Guarantee Tire Shop, 1975.

Every child should have access to nature’s mastery. It’s the birth of reverence. Sea Mist and Sunsets, on the aquarium at Monterey Bay, California.

Sunshine so bright the snow looked alive with jewels everywhere you looked. Sunshine so bright our skies were that incredible blue we’re famous for. Sunshine so bright I spent the day smiling and feeling like I had suddenly lost a huge weight off my shoulders. We were all smiling…even the dogs…no kidding. –Taos Sunflower, on the sunshine in Arroyo Seco and Taos, February 24, 2010.

Valentine seems like the last holdout, a vanguard against change, the kind of change that has occurred across our country, creating a deep divide that appears untraversable. I don’t long for the way things were. I do long for a strong sense of community where people look out for one another and find solace in their shared lives. –Teresa Evangeline, on visiting Valentine, Nebraska, returning from Santa Fe, winter 2010.

But winter has a beauty all its own, full of photographic possibilities. The sun is lower in the southern sky, casting wonderful shadows and creating dramatic contrast. The air is crisp and clean and you can capture details seldom seen during the hazy summer months. The lack of color pushes the mind to see texture and detail often missed during more vibrant times of the year. –Jeff Lynch, on photographing McKinney Falls near Austin, Texas.

Mission of San Gregorio de Abo, Mountainair, New Mexico, by Evangeline Chavez


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11 responses to “Fine Sentences February 21-27, 2010

  1. Jack, I realize, looking back, I didn’t make it as clear as I should have…Valentine is in the center of Nebraska, on US-83. Thank you for helping me to understand how essential it is to get clearer on certain things : ) And, thank you, again, for including me…

  2. Lynn

    My puter skills are somewhat limited and getting hooked up to get emails, notifications, etc., are time consuming, and I avoid at all costs. Thanks to your fun post, I sat here and connected to some of your favs. Thanks Jack! Ooh love your post, Is this the way to Idaho? I laughed sooo hard…

  3. Kittie Howard

    Jack, once again you have chosen wisely, at the heart of the individual’s blog, and made others want to read more. For each holds a gem of wisdom. Thank you

    • Thanks, Kittie. I look forward to your writing. More on Louisiana, is it? Hard to beat that post on the kibuttz. I’ll go back and read your work on La., for I think you have posted some.

  4. So happy to have a bit of time this morning to further explore these wonderful selections. Also, that is a lovely photo by Evangeline. Have been wondering about the Mountainair area in NM and didn’t know about this site. Beautiful shot. Reading through your Fine Sentences is an Om, a restorative and pleasure. Thanks Jack.

    • You know, Chris, I enjoy putting the Fine Sentences together. You’re right, the writings, the fine sentences, when they are cobbled together with the context, go off one direction and then another, do bring pleasure and restoration. The arrangement is random and I always enjoy going back over them. What good writing is out there!

  5. Kittie Howard

    Jack, your photo of the pecan tree melted my heart. Oh, but I miss the pecan trees Pa planted on the farm. But, as you know, pecan trees have a lifespan. Most were nearing that edge when Hurricane Andrew came through and up-rooted both old and gettin’ there. It ripped our hearts apart to look out and see all those beautiful trees tossed about. And when you wrote about going on a picnic, well, sigh…oh, the picnics we had…and oh how you described the majesty of enjoying Nature’s sylvan treasures. I read this blog several times…just feasted on your imagery…beautiful post. Thank you!

    • Kittie, thank you. I wish you and yours could have a picnic we us under the pecan tree in the pasture. We’ve got to choose a date to have a picnic over there so we can make a little festival. I know the ripping out of emotions when old trees die or get destroyed by a storm. Yours must have been terrible. Your family goes back to a time that certain trees were points of reference in travel, I’ll bet.

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