Early Morning Sounds on Flying Hat

I rise early to start the day, walking down the lane to the barn.  Before sunrise this morning at 6:45 a.m., I heard three flocks of turkeys responding to each other to the south and west of our place.  They gobbled in flock choruses, their refrains carrying far because of the cold air.  Between turkey gobbles, loud and many they were, coyotes howled and yipped.  I don’t think the coyote had a kill, but were merely howling.  Past the Dooley’s place, I heard a neighbor’s hound bay, and from the Dooley’s farmyard, a cock crowed.  Ducks on the pond quacked and I heard them on Blue’s pond to the east of us, sounding friendly to each other, not alarmed.  The sun lay below the horizon, slowly illuminating the sky, as I absorbed sounds of nature’s creatures, some wild, some not.  I finished one chore and returned to the house, waiting for the horses to turn broadside, flankside to the sun as it rose, awaiting their grain and hay.  Lilly the alpha mare will nicker when I enter the stables.


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8 responses to “Early Morning Sounds on Flying Hat

  1. The peace and beauty of starting the morning early. You get to hear and see nature’s creatures as they also start their day.

  2. Waking and walking to a wild orchestra. Beats the highway car engines and tire/pavement sounds that mark my weekday beginnings. Though…those weekdays make waking to the sound of birds on the weekends feel like salvation by mother nature.

  3. kittie howard

    Beautiful post, Jack. “I rise early to start the day, walking down the lane to the barn.” Jack, your opening sentence is up there with the Greats. It captures so much of American’s heartland. More so, what you wrote describes a slice of Heaven! And I also thought of when I was a child and would see my grandfather cut across a small, inner pasture to the barn. He always wore a hat. Sometimes I’d slip out the house and run after him. He’d hold my hand. We’d walk quietly for I never knew when Nature would chirp and Pa would whisper, “Did you hear that, Little One?” And I’d smile yes.

    • Glad I touched that memory of yours because now for a time, we have it. Grandfather and granddaughter, you having slipped outside to be with him–oh, my. Would that we all have had your experience with such a grandfather. “I never knew when Nature would chirp….” No wonder you want to write, it’s in your blood.

  4. StarkRavingZen

    Oh Jack. I loved this. What an auditory pleasure, and what a perfect morning that must have been.

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