No News on Bald-Face Lie

I’m sorry to report that no news has surfaced in public newspapers this last week about the shooting of the filly, Bald-Face Lie.  The Parker County Sheriff’s Department is  taking this case very seriously, says one person who has knowledge of the case.


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2 responses to “No News on Bald-Face Lie

  1. My research shows the reward for finding the killer is now over $10,000 and the Humane Society of the United States is also offering part of this reward. That means the HSUS is watching what happens here, so that is very good news. I’m not saying the local law enforcement needs the encouragement, but it never hurts to have national coverage making sure this investigation is first class. This horse was valued at $20,000 after all, and that alone makes this a felony, much less the sheer cruelty of the crime.

    I worked as a volunteer for seven months in the cruelty division of the North Texas Humane Society, and I know firsthand that law enforcement doesn’t always want to spend time following up on horrible things done to cats and dogs and horses. Sheriffs are often among the first to lobby against animal welfare laws because they are the ones who will have to follow up on the problems in the rural areas. I mean, it’s just a dog, right? That’s why I’m happy to see that this case, at least, has some chance of being solved.

    • The world is out of balance when some idiot shoots a defenseless animal. We’ll continue to raise the reward. I’ve not contributed, but I will if this case goes unsolved for much longer. I want Sheriff Fowler and his posse to go down into the lair of that murderer and bring back scalp.

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