Fine Sentences February 7-13, 2010

Here are some fine sentences from blogs published February 7-13, 2010.  You may link to these blogs by referring to the blogroll on the right hand side of any page.  If a blogger has not posted a writing during February 7-13, 2010, they are not listed here.

There is something broken in us if we look at the Ivanpah Valley and see not peace, but merely a way to increase our power and the profit we derive from it.  –Chris Clarke on Coyotes Crossing.

The name is a Spanish interpretation of the Tewa word, “nanbe,” which roughly translates as “earth roundness.”  –Evangeline Chavez on Nambe Falls, New Mexico, Evangeline Art Photography.

So Dave and I found ourselves in the bottom of the Canadian River canyon under the bridge, and we walked between the salt cedars and the water, which was actually quite deep for just being seepage from the dam.   There was no wind, and we followed dozens of deer tracks in and out of the cattails.  –Bunny Terry on I Love New Mexico.

There’s something about Madrid that makes walking down the tiny winding roads without an exaggerated smile a virtual impossibility.  –Kristy Sweetland, Stark Raving Zen, on visiting and photographing Madrid, New Mexico.

I used to love to hand write letters, and have written hundreds upon hundreds in my years. I hear they’re still out there…friends have told me they have kept them…and that is also thought provoking to me. It’s like my history is spread out around the country in little envelopes.  –Martie, Taos Sunflower, on the lost art of writing letters.

I love the ritual of grinding the beans, transferring them to the filter, pouring the water in, and hittin’ that button, knowing that heaven is just around the corner.  –Teresa Evangeline, on early morning and making coffee.

After weeks of overcast skies and rain the rivers and creeks in the Hill Country are flowing fast and furious, which makes for some nice photographic opportunities.  –Jeff Lynch, “On the Road Again,” taking photographs in the Hill Country of Texas.

There is something Really Nasty out there, unbridled, coarse, and raw.  –Kittie Howard, The Block, a comment on Bald-Face Lie shooting, Sage to Meadow.


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3 responses to “Fine Sentences February 7-13, 2010

  1. Thank you for sharing this collection of fine sentences, Jack! Earthy, rich, and profound writers, all.

    • Thanks, Bonnie. I hope I didn’t miss a post of yours last week. I looked at your blog and didn’t see anything newly posted yesterday. My apologies if I missed your post. I keep looking at your paintings. Really great!

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