A Finer Justice

Intemperate bulldozers stand by,
Idling, low rumbling rhythm,
As a finer justice falls into place.
One lonely soul, lost in fitful sleep,
Hears soft, distant whinny
Slowly moving closer, ever closer
White velvet face of the beautiful Bald-Face Lie
Rises up through fog of despair,
Breathing, breathing,
Warm, moist nostrils
Breathing loose the mask of reason,
Reminding, reminding,
Life is better-lived with blood-free hands
And a quiet mind.
(Teresa Evangeline, “A Finer Justice”)

(Bald-Face Lie, a seven-month-old filly of 72 Ranch near Weatherford, Texas, was shot by an unknown person on January 24, 2010, near the fence line on Fox Road.

Teresa Evangeline has a blog.  Its link is Teresa Evangeline. She lives and writes in Minnesota, USA.)



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6 responses to “A Finer Justice

  1. Today I am told by a friend who is quite active in the Texas Humane Legislation Network that law officers are taking this murder very seriously, and working hard for justice in this case.

    • Good! I’m glad they are. The taking of life, Bald-Face Lie, a friendly horse to passers-by, is such a horrible thing. I wrote that Bald-Face Lie’s death settles respectfully beneath the world’s pain and if you and I and the Parker County Sheriff’s department do not stand up and drive a stake through the heart of this madness, a piece of this good earth dies again.

  2. Angie Cook

    I’m glad to hear that this egregious crime is being taken seriously; I hope (poetic) justice prevails.

  3. kittie howard

    Bald Faced Lie’s murder is horrible. Just horrible. I am glad that the authorities are taking this seriously and that there is justice. Whoever has done this has sunk to the lowest of low and deserves the full weight of the law. For the owners, it was like losing a kid and for those who’d working with the filly, like losing a young friend. Actually, the killer(s) so disgusted me I had to take a break and think about things a bit. There is something Really Nasty out there, unbridled, coarse, and raw. However this is described, it strikes at the very core of who we are as a nation. There are those who swim on the fringes but psychologically unite into a group of losers who relish wanton attacks that chip at an intangible that escapes them. I thank you and applaud your blog for not letting these injustices/inequities slip into the ‘oh, well’ popular among many. More bored and lazy people have got to get their hands dirty doing a hard day’s work or stop complaining about a half day’s work or realize they wouldn’t have squat without the work others did before them or otherwise engage in something other than themselves.

    I thank you for the comment you left on my blog and for highlighting one of the statements in my previous blog. I am sometimes discouraged by too many of the thirty-something people I’ve met. They are well-educated but know only the present tense. They are, for the most part, well-traveled but know only cruise ships or Hilton hotels. They know other languages exist but could care less. They enjoy decent jobs with decent pay but live off of charge cards. Their hands are smoothe; their suntans are from salons; their bible is Fox News. But, most of all, they are afraid of life. I wish I could shake some sense into them but can’t so blog away….

    • Kittie, yes, something Really Nasty is out there. And, it is coarse, unbridled and raw. I am at a loss at first to explain the taking of a life, Bald-Face Lie. It happened with her and all over the world, humans and animals are terminated by the Really Nasty. God, you write with such force. Yes, I wish I could take the soft-hands and suntans and put a dictionary in their hands and send them down to the casbah, the citadel, to assimilate with another culture, another life. I don’t think the future is going to be brighter. But, we will continue to light candles instead of cursing the darkness (E. Roosevelt). Kittie, your blog is a candle.

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