Post Haste Bald-Face Lie

Bald-Face Lie 2009-2010

A seven-month-old filly named Bald-Face Lie was found dead last Sunday, shot between the eyes at close-range.  A horse trainer and ranch hand to the 72 Ranch near Weatherford, Texas, found Bald-Face Lie near the fence where as a friendly horse she would loaf with several other fillies.  The high sheriff of Parker County, Larry Fowler, said We are going to find out who did this.  We are just numb, grieved the owner, Kris Larsen.  I was with the mare when this baby was born and I weaned her and halter-broke her.  The reward for the killer is now close to $10,000 and he should have the good sense to turn himself in before he is found out.  Bulldozers gouge the earth intemperately and sometimes to a higher purpose.

I know  the 72 Ranch where Bald-Face Lie resided.  Several miles north of the 72 Ranch, Duncan Steele-Park trains horses, including our horse, Fanny.  Cattle drives from south Texas in the nineteenth century passed through Parker County on the trail to Dodge City, Abilene, even to greener pastures in the high mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming.

72 Ranch mourns.  The trainer slips halters on fillies and colts today and he will tomorrow and the next.  The horror of Bald-Face Lie’s death settles respectfully beneath the pain of a world that is out of balance for human and horse alike.  We will shrug and go on to the next watering hole that used to be called an oasis.

Newspaper article link: Community Offers Reward, February 1, 2010.

Newspaper article link: Prized Filly Valued at $20,000.00, January 26, 2010.

Newspaper article link: Cutting Horse Found Slain in Parker County Pasture, January 25, 2010.



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8 responses to “Post Haste Bald-Face Lie

  1. Jack,
    I sure hope you will follow this story and let us know if the killer is found…and what happens to him/her. You know, this might well be a cruelty felony under Texas law. You or any of your readers might find it informative to go to which is the website for the Texas Humane Legislation Network, which does wonderful work lobbying the Texas legislature to pay attention to the welfare of animals. I worked for them while I still lived in Texas, and that year we finally passed a law defining certain cruelties as felonies instead of just misdemeanors. I hope that not just the sheriff’s office, but also the larger animal groups, will stick with this case, because this one broke my heart.

    • Caralee, I will keep you posted. Thanks for the website and information. The shooting has galvanized larger animal groups. Horse owners near the shooting have moved their animals to back pastures, away from the road. I think the cruelty felony is a real possibility on this.

  2. Yes, “…the pain of a world that is out of balance.” Indeed.

  3. This is appalling and tragic. I think it’s a honor not deserved to refer to the killer as a person. I have no patience for people who hurt animals or children. My heart goes out to all of you.

  4. StarkRavingZen

    What. A. Monster. I think of all the times my husband and I have joyfully stopped the car to visit with fence-line horses, and enjoyed such a rush of positive experience as a result. To think that people need fear horrors such as this… Makes me very angry indeed. Who next will this abomination visit with his gun? Karma will find him. That much is certain. I’m sorry this happened in your vicinity, Jack. The goodness you put out to the world helps offset the work of such monsters… Thank you for honoring the filly with your words here.

    • I know, Kristy. Terrible. Thanks for your comments. The contrast with what happened and you (and others) stopping by the fence to admire horses is just plain out of balance. I not at all sure what will happen in this case. No news lately.

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