Post Haste Verbena with Tool

Prehistoric Tool In Situ Poprock Hill Pasture February 3, 2010

Temperature was 37 degrees at 6:30 a.m….Light rain was forecast and has started raining at 8:00 a.m….Rain exposes prehistoric tools, rocks, horseshoes, wood debris and boulders in the pastures….When I first moved here, I looked for quartzite flakes and tools of prehistoric people that harvested acorns, edible plants and deer.  Finding no quartzite, I changed my pattern of survey and looked for iron ore and meteorite tools that had been abraded, not extensively flaked.  I found things.  Poprock Hill pasture has yielded tools in abundance and will be designated an archeological site by the state of Texas.  This morning, after the first feed of the horses, I took a photograph of a tool in situ.  Light rain washed clay off the tool, exposing craft and art of people that hunted and gathered before the arrival of the European.  Not far away from the tool, a red ant hill with little stones about the portal to the underworld rose slightly from verbena plants that will bloom in the spring.



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6 responses to “Post Haste Verbena with Tool

  1. Very cool. I love watching the ground for treasures, which usually only yields pieces of arrowheads. Good score for you. Do you leave them in place or bring them in to a collection?

    • Martie, I leave them in place most of the time. When I do pick up something diagnostic I mark the place. On this item, I left it in place. I, too, have a habit of watching the ground. When I was in field school long ago, faraway, we visited Ft. Burgwin and Pot Creek before they had excavated fully the pots up on the hill from the buildings. Huge things, those pots were. Have you ever been there?

  2. I’m jealous. You live on a habitation site. Very cool.

  3. I’m sorry to say I’ve not been there. I’ve driven past, many times, on my way over the high road, and have always been curious….but out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Sounds like I need to find a way to visit next spring or summer. Is it even open to the public? Hmmm…I will investigate.

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