Hay, Rain, Fire

My horses were short of hay and I had to go to Stephenville today to purchase alfalfa and Bermuda.  I took a chance that it would not rain heavily and drench the eight bales that the feed store  stacked in the F-150.  Fortunately, it did not rain heavily and I returned after lunch with wet hay, but not soggy.

The rain has taken away the threat of grass fires.  I have seen prairie fires at night up on the ridge line towards Stephenville several years ago during the month of January.  That night I drove out in the pickup to check the fires.  Whirlwinds of fire looped like little devils through pastures.  The scene was hideous.  I hitched the trailers to our trucks and prepared to load livestock if the wind shifted in our direction.  The fires stayed south of us and did not move closer than five miles from our place.  I drove up with our stock trailer to see if I could assist my neighbors in Huckabay and Hannibal.   The next day after the fires had died out, I saw homes destroyed, livestock scattered, and smoke from large trees still burning.

I am glad for this day of rain and cool temperatures, wet hay or not.


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4 responses to “Hay, Rain, Fire

  1. Glad to hear some rain has taken the edge off your fire danger.

  2. kittie howard

    I’ve never lived in an earthquake zone so don’t know that fear…but I do know the fear of fire in a rural area…very relieved you weren’t in harm’s way. But, oh, to smell Bermuda and alfalfa grass right now…that heavenly scent ranks right up there with fresh tilled rows in spring…

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