Greenery in a Texas Winter

Stable Greenery in a Texas Winter

Yesterday, January 17, 2010, the temperature was 70 degrees in central-west Texas.  A light breeze came from the south persisting into the early evening.  Down in the uncovered stables winter grass emerged about two inches high during the day.  Although winter wheat and rye give green to fields in a Texas winter, the winter grass in the stable seemed different, like a surprise gift from a friend.  Lilly the alpha mare saw the grass and grazed after eating her senior grain with supplements to ease her arthritis.  Forget April for the moment.  January is the cruelest month.

Old Lilly's Knees and Forearms Backside

This is the backside of Lilly’s knees and forearms and you can see her osteoarthritis.  She is twenty-five-years old.  Her date of birth is January 20, 1985.  Her full name is Ima Lil Moore and she is the companion and foal sitter to Shiney.  Despite her age, when it snows Lilly prances.

Shiney the Horse in Morning Sunshine

Shiney is a six-months-old colt.  He is a male, all-boy and quite different from a filly.  Lilly, his sitter and companion, will turn her backside to him and threaten a kick if he acts rambunctious towards her.  Oddly enough, pairing the oldest horse in the remuda with the youngest, Lilly and Shiney, has kept her young and made him old.


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6 responses to “Greenery in a Texas Winter

  1. Like the horses we get arthritis and some of us get put out to pasture .


  2. Kristy

    Oh, sweet, Jack. Beautiful post. And I absolutely love Lilly’s registered name! That is adorable.

  3. Jack,
    What a fine image I’m left with of Lilly and her young companion finding the perfect balance of uplifting and calming down. It reminds me of the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. The teachers and the learners, paired, benefitting from the shared experience that only long life and short life can bring. Energy to the old and wisdom to the young. Arthritic Lilly, prancing in the snow, says it all.

    • Prancing in the snow. They went out of the corral today. They stay together. Lilly leads with a limp. Shiney is so healthy. He runs away to check on his uncle down in the arena, then runs back to Lilly.

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