Gray Sky With Duck

Ducks Flying Over Flying Hat, January 7, 2010

After feeding the horses, I go farther into the pasture south of the arena to check on corn I have scattered on the ground for deer in the grove and dry creek bed.

Half of the corn I dispersed last night has been consumed and deer hooves have stabbed the ground in delight or hunger.  Leaving the deer prints behind, I turn north on the pasture road and drive past the stock pond next to the Blue farm, the family east of us.

I frighten nine ducks that take to the air from the pond, shaming me that I had disturbed their morning feed.  I open the door of the pickup and snap a shot of their flight upwards, then circling back to the pond.  A momentary interruption at their table I was.  Tomorrow I will walk to the deer-stabbing feed ground in the grove.  Better for me.  Better for the ducks.



11/18/2010.  I am going to set up a duck blind.  I have cedar posts and brush that will allow me to stand behind and photograph.  I hope to identify the ducks that come to the pond by the end of the Winter season.  That is my intention.  Not a promise to anyone, but it is my intent.

11/15/2010.  Two days ago as I drove to the Grove to photograph our solitary cottonwood, I scared at least fifteen ducks from the pond.  I had forgotten about them in my mission to write about the cottonwood.

7/30/2010.  A pair of heron fly often to the pond.  They give one call when they leave the pond — just one call.

3/19/2010.  Ducks were on the pond this morning.  A blue heron flies to the pond late in the afternoon.


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12 responses to “Gray Sky With Duck

  1. When we grew corn this summer, we saved a bunch of the ears and dried them for, we thought, the deer. One at a time we would throw them under a juniper tree where we often saw deer tracks. But even as we put them on the ground, we could see the ravens watching us and crying out in excitement. The next day those ears would be 100% picked clean, and lots of bird tracks around them. Ravens are either smarter or quicker than deer!

    • So, the ravens were watching. Smart birds aren’t they? Deer hunting season is over here in Erath County. I’ve not seen deer in several days, just the tracks. I hope they remain shy.

  2. I keep coming back to this piece. It’s a summary of elements I live with and come across everyday out here. I also like the photograph, though it’s a little blurry, but I didn’t have that much time to take the picture when the ducks flew. I am still seeing deer tracks and occasionally three deer emerge from the grove. I saw the ants the other day when it was warm, kind of in a bunch, a pile at their portal, like they were sunning themselves.

  3. I saw ducks on the pond this morning. It is cool. Wind is high. I started a post, then saved it to a draft for revision.

  4. Blue heron fly onto the pond several times daily, sometimes two as a couple fly onto the water. They call as they leave the pond, but do not call, I think, as they alight.

    Ducks have flown north. I see no residence wood duck or mallard.

    I know the ducks will come in the fall and stay through the winter. I have to wait.

  5. No Blue heron today. Heard owls this morning at 5:00 a.m. when I walked the dogs. Rain this afternoon.

  6. The ducks have arrived and will stay about the area for the Winter. My waiting is over.

  7. JD

    You might try a few decoys with your blind to have more success in getting photos. If they are coming into pond, they are probably not diving ducks which should help in identifying them. If you do get photos will be glad to try and help with ID.

    • JD, I thought I would get a blind up this winter, but other things took precedent. I will get that blind up! And, per your suggestion, put decoys in. I’ll need your expertise in ID. You have a very fine website. Classy.

  8. Sandy

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