Diana of Taos

Diana of Letherwerks, Jack

I had rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick than spend money.  Last Christmas I looked for a leather belt in Santa Fe and refused to spend the money.  My wife, Brenda, insisted that I buy a new belt this year because my old belt was “plain awful,” in her own words.  So, since I had purchased knives from Letherwerks of Taos two years ago and knew they purveyed belts, and we were dining at Doc Martin’s anyway, why not mosey down to Letherwerks?

I bought a bison belt with silver-plated nickel for a few pesos that I was quite happy about, and so was my wife.  On the quest for a belt, I was feted and prevailed upon to purchase the item by Diana of Taos, who could absolutely sell mesquite trees to Texans.  What a personality!  And, when I shook hands to make the sale, she went behind the counter to the crafting table and put a new buckle on the belt, tacking and pressuring the ornamentation into place.  No shrinking violet there.

I insisted that my picture be taken with Diana because she is a wonderful, outgoing, person that personifies the sun at midday.  She and Brenda wanted me to purchase a silver buckle, but I refused.  Diana said, “Well, everybody needs a silver buckle before they die, Jack!”  True enough, but I have a few more years to go, and I’ll come back to Taos.  Not to buy a silver buckle, but to see Diana ply her wares at Letherwerks.  Maybe look at a knife, another belt, or maybe that buckle, after all, Diana.


I have to show you a photograph I took inside of Doc Martin’s to finish off this post.  It was in their dining area just to the immediate right as you go in the restaurant and the photograph was shot intentionally at that angle.

Doc Martin's Restaurant, Taos, December 2009


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6 responses to “Diana of Taos

  1. I am ashamed to say I have never stepped foot in Letherwerks…I guess that’s what happens when you’re hunkered in and dread going to town. However…I had just called them a few weeks ago, to see if they would make a custom holster for me…and spoke with Christian, who sounded like he might be the owner. He was absolutely the nicest person. I will now, after reading your posting, put Letherwerks on my must do list next time I’m down that way. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Martie, he is really nice, too. I know your feeling about being hunkered down. I have to go to three cities: Stephenville, 24 miles away, the closest for supplies and feed; Fort Worth, 65 miles away for good times; and Abilene, 87.2 miles to teach. We have nicknames for these towns.

    By the way, Martie, Brenda and I were in your village, Arroyo Seco, several years ago and we remember your place. I think Brenda went in to see the yarn and wares. Peaceful and restful. From your website, I know it has closed, but you still are in business on the internet. Hope all is going well with your enterprise.

  3. kittie howard

    A fun story! And your little lady was right, the needed belt also turned out to be a happy adventure. I don’t know zip about western belts/buckles but, from your description, Brenda and crew know what they’re doing, always a treat in these Big Box days. Now, Jack, what do you mean, no more pontificating? Hmph! Want to hear more about What’s What. And, could you share those nicknames for Ft. Worth and so on??? Love this sort of local color.

  4. Hi, Kittie, yes quite a good time in their shop. I try to stay away from the Big Boxes, but have to trade at some of them as you do unless you have really taken the pledge. I tried to stay away from Walmartzens because of labor issues, quality of merchandise, etc., but finally had to relent. I still go to local hardware stores such as we have in a little village of Gordon, 8 miles away. Ft. Worth is known as Cowtown (not derogatory); Stephenville is Stuporville; and Abilene is Addledlene. You know how locals use nicknames! What’s the saying, “politics is all local?” Well, so are the narratives that catch the mind and emotions; like yours, Kittie.

  5. StarkRavingZen

    This is wonderful, Jack! I can’t wait to explore Taos further. I’ve gone a couple of times since we’ve lived here, but we’ve had the dogs with us, so shopping wasn’t on the agenda. I’m so glad you had a good time here over the holidays. 🙂 -Kristy

  6. Kristy, Taos seems to be a dog-friendly town. I’ll bet you’ll come away with some fine photos when you visit.

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