When Will Duck and Heron Return to the Pond?

Flying Hat Stock Pond

[Originally published on October 12, 2009.  This post has been updated to include commentary for the summer of 2010.]

The photograph above is our stock pond or cow tank that you read a lot about on my blog.  It is about fifteen-feet deep, but you can see from the photograph that it is down by three feet or so.  That’s not unusual.  The horses will wallow at one end of the tank, about where the camera is.

When will the ducks come to the pond this year?  Last year the first ducks arrived during October when there was a freeze line back up north of Mingus.

What will be the date of the first arrival this year?  I would like to build a duck blind so I can take photographs.

Sometimes ducks come during the summer and warm weather.  I think they must come from some of the large lakes around here like those on Celebrity Ranch and Possum Kingdom.

I would like to type the ducks and take photographs of them and post on the blog.

The health of wildlife is measured many ways.  One of the best ways is by a field count.  My field count is not graphed on paper, but daily observations occur.

I have seen no ducks for several months on the pond, not even the resident ducks that may stay year round at Celebrity or Possum Kingdom.

Just as important, I have not seen the Blue Herons alight on the south side of the pond for several weeks.

The health of the waterfowl on Flying Hat Ranch is unknown.  They are gone for the summer or have relocated.  I presume the Blue Heron will return.  I shall post about them when they browse in the pond.

The health of wildlife?  None are present for a field count.


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6 responses to “When Will Duck and Heron Return to the Pond?

  1. Charlie

    I like the photo a lot.

  2. Hello Jack.

    It’s a lovely pond. I’m looking forward to welcome the ducks and the herons!


  3. Kittie Howard

    Jack, the photo above is exquisite, absolutely exquisite. I looked at it for a long time, thoroughly lost in the beauty. Then, I thought, what a fabulous puzzle or calendar photo it would make. The composition’s perfect. The Flying Hat ranch seems like a slice of heaven.

    Having read the posts that come after, I know you’re still waiting for the ducks to come. I know you’ll post when they do come, hopefully soon.

    • Thank you. Yes, waiting for the ducks because they symbolize a lot — change of seasons, the cycle continues like in the past. Yes, it is a slice of heaven. My wife took the photo on a cool fall day.

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