Santa Fe Wine Festival

Brenda Matthews at Santa Fe Wine Festival July 2009

When you want contentment in your life, you need a companion. Pictured above is Brenda Matthews, seated with a glass of New Mexican white wine beneath a shade tree at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas. Jack Matthews, a.k.a. El Guapo, accompanied Brenda to the Santa Fe Wine Festival. They partook and were content as companions.

Brenda liked the herd of cattle we managed on our place in Texas. I mean, she liked working the cattle so much that she insisted on going with me to feed, and, on occasion, I had to stop her from going and feeding by herself. For some odd reason, she loved the Angus, the baldies, and would pitch in there and feed and manage them in the chute. I never thought that would happen with Brenda. But it did.

Number 27, for whom this blogsite is named, was part of that herd.

So, when you look at the photograph above and see a skirted female drinking white wine under the shade tree at Las Golondrinas, please do not assume there sits a shrinking violet, a faint heart, but there rests an American woman who is capable of managing cattle on her own. Number 27 always liked to come to her cattle call. Companions aren’t always hominid.


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2 responses to “Santa Fe Wine Festival

  1. Ah, my kind of woman!!! As I drove past the Anderson Angus Ranch last week, I was thinking I should do a posting about the pure joy it brought me to live nearby one year and be able to watch these fine beasts…and my favorite, to hear them. I miss them still. I envy Brenda getting to be with the cattle. Strong women, unite (and down with panty hose).

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